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Family Resources and Support provides a connection to a variety of resources and supports geared toward the family. Sites listed will support family oriented directories, online services, web and chat domains for families, family fun and entertainment, family health, planning family parties and events or family vacations/trips. Linking to other Open Directory Categories is available to assist in locating resources and support for child care, parenting, family recreation and travel, marriage, divorce, family counseling, aging, death and dying.

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United States National Family Association
Supporting human rights, advocating the modern family values of love, acceptance, honesty, and meaningful communication. Links and resources relating to human rights issues and concerns of today's media, education, family, health and wellness, liberty and equality as well as the workplace.
Canadian Child Care Federation
A public education website providing a virtual library of articles on parenting, child development, health, social concerns, safety and family issues.
The Children's Aid Society of Brant
Canadian site offering information on foster parenting, adoption, community outreach and various government links.
Families Under Construction
Provides a selection of tools with practical solutions for building, maintaining, and repairing families. Articles written by a marriage and family therapist and family life educator.
Family and Counseling Services of the Lehigh Valley
Offers information and resources to promote and support healthy individual and family life, family and group counseling, parenting workshops and employee assistance services.
The Family Cycle
Offers a series of essays about the history of the family, its current transformations, its future, marriage, relationships, and parenting.
Family Resource Center
Provides 14 resources for families from not-for-profit Family Resource Center. Information on child abuse and treatment, counseling programs for families in need, mentoring and foster care programs. Lists national and Missouri child abuse hotline telephone numbers.
Family Unity Magazine
Helping to build strong united families through love and truth.
Family Victory.com
John and Helen Burns answer questions about family, raising kids and successful relationships.
Family Works
Offers a variety of strategies for building a stronger family.
Resources for the family. Categories include: lifestyle, relationships, parenting, health and finance.
Focus on the Family
Offers practical help for marriage and child-rearing. Recent magazine articles, letters from Dr. James Dobson, news, and RealAudio broadcasts.
Good News Family Care
A Christian charity offering support, counselling and temporary accommodation to families in crisis. Based in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK.
The UK's leading family support organisation. Across the country, our thousands of volunteers offer friendship and practical help to families with at least one child under five.
Nanny's Notes: for Parents & Grandparents
A free weekly email newsletter for parents, grandparents and others who love and care for children. Topics include safety, health, crafts, books and fun web sites.
New Life Network
Find family friendly television programming from around the world that informs, entertains and challenges the selective audiences of the modern age.
Parenting With Dignity
Parents learn new effective parenting skills; provides a source of information for parents, giving them the tools necessary to create an encouraging, and loving home for their children
Promoting Family
Traditional family values, and family friendly businesses and churches. Local park listing and directory for family fun. Family friendly business listing and directory.
The Vanier Institute of the Family
A resource on Canadian family trends.
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