Dealing with Japanese food from the point of view of the home cook. Site in this category are informative on the topic of Japanese food and are generally not commercial in nature.

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Black Moon - Japanese food recipes
Recipes with glossary, provided by Black Moon.
Bob & Angie
Basic Japanese recipes, techniques, and glossary of ingredients and utensils (in English and Japanese).
Brown Bread Ice Cream
Descriptions of the adventures of Japanese cooking.
Fish & Veggie
Eating fish in Japanese style, plus information on healthy gardening and the Japanese diet.
Japanese Cuisine
Recipes and articles on Japanese cuisine.
Japanese Cuisine from
Recipes and resources on the food and cuisine of Japan.
Japanese Recipes from
More than a hundred recipes.
Just One Cook Book
Japanese recipe blog featuring hundreds of simple recipe instructions with photos and video tutorials.
Kei's Kitchen
Japanese kaiseki cooking information.
Kyoei Konnyaku Inc.
Recipes using konnyaku, the traditional, healthy Japanese tuber, with an introduction.
Leggo My Obento! The Bento Blog
American bento photoblog plus cooking tips and links.
My Epicurean Debauchery
Exploring the Japanese culinary arts.
My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!
Recipes for what goes in a bento box, along with photos of the results.
Nobu Matsushia
Recipes and tips from Japanese chef and restaurant owner.
Open Kitchen
Japanese traditional recipes with photos.
Suribachi and Surikogi
Article on the history and uses of the Japanese mortar and pestle with recipes.
Tokyo Food Page
Articles on Japanese specialty cuisines, small collection of recipes, and list of Tokyo restaurants.
Umeboshi - Pickled Ume Website
How to make pickled plums, plum liquor, plum jam, and other plum recipes.

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