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Traditional vegetarian recipes and cooking tips for foods and meals which consist of grains, pasta, beans, vegetables, fruit can be placed in this category. Recipes which include meat, poultry, fish, or shellfish are not generally considered to be vegetarian.

This Vegetarian category can also include recipes which include animal products such as eggs, milk, cheese, and honey, and the like. These are considered acceptable to some vegetarians and is an eating pattern often referred to as "ovo-lacto vegetarian." Refer to the Vegan subcategory for eating patterns which are strictly limited to vegetable products, and exclude not only meat, poultry, fish, but also eggs, milk and dairy products, and insect products such as honey. In some parts of the world this eating pattern is referred to as "vegetarian" or "strictly vegetarian".

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About.com: Vegetarian Food
Recipes plus articles, forum and links.
Vegetarian and vegan recipes, and cooking tips.
Amuse Your Bouche
A light-hearted food blog focusing on simple vegetarian recipes.
Amuthis Kitchen - South Indian Recipes
A vegetarian recipe site consisting of dishes with a focus on Tamil Nadu cuisine. Includes comments and photographs.
Anu's Vegetarian Recipe Ideas
Offers a selection of simple and healthy Indian vegetarian recipes.
Best Vegetarian Recipes
Offers a selection of recipes including soups and sauces.
Better Homes and Gardens Vegetarian Recipes
A collection of vegetarian recipes including Vegetable Nachos and Vegetarian Chili with Pasta.
Boutell's Small Household Vegetarian Recipes
Features a Thanksgiving menu, desserts, and everyday recipes sized to feed two people, plus party foods.
Mostly vegan, all vegetarian food, and cooking weblog with pictures and recipes.
Chard in Charge
Edible explorations in nutrition with flavor. Recipes are whole foods based and vegetarian, some vegan.
Chef In You
A recipe guide with simple cooking instructions and pictures. Contains recipes sortable by ingredient, course, and cuisine.
Chez Suchi
Step by step directions with photographs for Indian vegetarian dishes.
The Chick's Pea
A blog of vegetarian recipes and healthy lifestyle topics.
Cooking With Kurma
Web home of Australian TV show host and proponent of pure vegetarian cuisine Kurma Dasa. Includes recipes, glossary of special ingredients, biography and notable quotes.
Cooking with Meena
Mostly Indian, vegetarian cooking blog.
Healthful, tasty, and spicy Indian dishes. Breads, rice, curries, main dishes, desserts, snacks. Articles include a glossary of ingredients with equivalents.
CooksRecipes.com Meatless Entrees
A collection of meatless entrees listed by category.
Creative Saga
An vegetarian food blog with a focus on Indian recipes for people new to cooking and baking for beginners. Special section for traditional Tamil recipes.
Culinary Captures
Small collection of mostly Indian recipes.
Deena Kakaya Vegetarian Recipes and Cooking
Recipes both vegetarian and vegan, for foods from all over the world.
Easy Vegetarian Recipes
Vegetarian recipes for meals and snacks. Includes foods especially for kids.
Eat Your Veggie
Provides recipes from several countries, with photographs and ratings.
Eating from the Garden
Small collection of recipes including breakfast, sides and dessert.
Ethnic Vegan
A source for ethnic recipes. Contains FAQ and a glossary.
The Flexitarian
A blog for people who want to eat less meat. Recipes are organized by topic, including soy free and high fiber.
Food and Remedy
Focuses on a healthy vegetarian diet, with recipes and a holistic approach to food and life.
Food Doodles
Healthy, natural and whole plant based foods for the whole family.
Food For Every One
Vegetarian dishes and Andhra specials.
A blog for vegetarian edibles from around the globe. Recipes are illustrated and arranged in alphabetical order.
Foody Buddy
Vegetarian Indian recipes with photographs and comments.
For the Interim
Recipes and product and restaurant reviews.
Fueled by Vegetables
A site dedicated to vegetarian recipes and living a healthy life. Includes vegan and gluten-free entries.
Fun and Food Cafe
A resource for vegetarian recipes, do it yourself techniques, health and family tips.
Geccoe's Recipes
A collection of healthy recipes that includes soups, dumplings and stew. [French and English]
Give Me Some Spice!
Traditional and modern vegetarian Indian recipes with step by step instructions.
Gourmande in the Kitchen
Wholesome vegetarian recipes from a food photographer and food lover.
Gourmandelle Vegetarian Blog
A food blog with vegan and vegetarian recipes. [English and Romanian]
Group Recipes - Vegetarian
Share and discover vegetarian recipes supplied by people from across the globe.
Healthy Crush
Nutrition, vegetarian and vegan recipes, healthy products, personal development and natural health.
The Healthy Eating Site
Vegetarian, vegan, low carb and raw food recipes and information on nutritional and health benefits. Includes gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free recipes.
Weblog offering vegetarian recipes, reviews and photos.
Hookery Cookery Vegetarian Recipes
British style dishes include Cheese and Onion Pudding and Fruity Egg Curry.
Hot Veggie
Vegetarian and vegan recipes organized by meal.
Indian Vegetarian Recipes
A cookbook author's site that has Indian vegetarian recipes from the book, nutrition information, pictures, and cooking class details held in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
Indo Global Food
The recipes on this blog are vegetarian and eggless, and many are also vegan.
It Ain't Meat, Babe
Recipes, photographs and commentary.
James H. Byrd: Vegetarian Cooking
Tested recipes for vegans, vegetarians or anyone else who enjoys healthy meatless food.
John's Vegetarian Recipes
Collection of vegetarian recipes (some vegan).
KarmaFree Cooking
Offers many recipes with a Latin perspective as the author lives in Puerto Rico and has ties to the Cuban community.
Vegetarian recipes, including cooking with kids. Uses Weight Watcher points system for calorie intake.
Lisa's Kitchen
Healthy and unique vegetarian dishes specializing in Indian cooking.
Lite Bite
Recipes from India and around the world. Includes sweets, appetizers and baked goods. Contains a food glossary and guides for oven temperatures and for measurements.
The Low Fat Vegetarian Recipe Archive
Large collection of low fat vegetarian recipes.
Madappalli - Temple's Kitchen
Traditional Indian recipes as well as from other countries. No onion and no garlic. Contains a glossary.
Madhuram's Eggless Cooking Recipes
Eggless recipes. Forum and baking tips.
Manjula's Kitchen
Sharing the basics of Indian vegetarian cooking. Videos and FAQ.
Meatless Mediterranean
Offers a number of recipes, containing ingredients found in Mediterranean region.
Messy Kitchen Stories
Provides recipes, including some Indian and some American.
Monsoon Spice
A blog of South Indian recipes, with mini-stories wound around them. Posted by woman from India, now in Britain.
My Cooking Journey
Vegetarian cooking blog with many Indian recipes.
My Cooking Journey by Sandhya
Dedicated to vegetarian cooking with mostly Indian recipes.
My Diverse Kitchen
Cooking in the traditional Palakkad style, making use of vegetables, lentils and coconut.
My Tasty Curry
A weblog of everyday Indian vegetarian cooking. Photographs and reviews.
Features healthy vegetarian recipes and tips for healthy living.
Pastry Wiz Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes
Breads, breakfasts, main dishes, desserts. Provides recipes by ingredient, type and holiday.
Pescetarian Kitchen Food Blog
Pescetarian and vegetarian recipes and meal ideas.
Radiance Recipes
Vegetarian and vegan recipes from around the world. Includes photographs and cooking tips and techniques.
The Raw Food Project
Raw food and vegan recipes, smoothies and juices. Offers tips for beginners of a raw food diet.
Recipe Source Vegetarian Recipes
A large collection of vegetarian recipes, including sub-indexes for tofu, tempeh, rice, curries, burritos, and burgers; from RecipeSource.com.
Sattvic Food Recipe Archive
A website offering sattvic vegetarian recipes. Sattvic food does not contain meat, onions, garlic, mushrooms, etc.
Recipes from several regions of India, with photographs.
The Savory Vegetarian
Easy vegetarian recipes that anyone can make. Includes tips, nutrition information, and vegetarian protein sources.
Sharmis Passions
Contains recipes mainly of India, and guides that include how to make Karupatti coffee, and homemade ghee.
Sharon's Radio Cookbook
Recipes for entrees through desserts, with many unusual dishes. Cooking and baking tips as well as measurement conversion tables.
Shortcut to Mushrooms
A vegetarian food blog with food photography and recipes.
Sindhi Rasoi
Collected Sindhi vegetarian recipes including curries and vegetables, street food, for kids, sweet dishes and vegan.
Vegetarian shares pictures of her meals and recipes.
Spice your Life
Indian recipes with pictures and instructions. Includes kid friendly dishes and traditional Indian cuisine. Provides how to for many cooking procedures including blanching tomatoes and Indian cooking basics.
The Steaming Pot - Healthy Vegetarian Cooking
A collection of easy vegetarian recipes and tips for the newbie to Indian cooking.
Stitchin n Bitchin in the Kitchen
Justine provides photos, recipes and comments on her food and life.
Sujas Kitchen
Specialized in Indian cooking. Recipes with detailed instructions and pictures.
Susanina's Vegetarian Kitchen
Recipes from a seasoned cook and baker.
Tasting Good Naturally
Recipes without dairy products, which are organic, vegetarian and/or vegan. [English and French]
Tease Your Taste Buds
Vegetarian recipes with step-by-step pictures.
Tofu for Tea
Vegetarian recipes including desserts and soups.
Udupi Recipes - Vegetarian Recipes from Karnataka
Focuses on a wide variety of dishes that are prepared in Udupi region with photographs. Ranges from traditional specialties to everyday, easy-to-make delicacies and juices.
Valley Vegetarian
Providing a nexus for vegetarian lifestyles in the Ojai Valley.
Veg Indian Recipe
Source for Indian vegetarian recipes and cooking tips.
Veg World
Provides recipes and tips for vegetarians and vegans.
Includes vegetarian recipes for salads, soups, desserts, noodles, beans and legumes.
Vegan Yoga Life
Offers recipes and healthy meal ideas.
Vegetarian Cooking Recipes and Tips
Recipes and cooking tips from an Indian vegetarian kitchen, including curries, rice dishes, breads, salads, and low-fat recipes.
Vegetarian Cultural Creatives
Healthy, quick vegetarian recipes; a fusion of Indian and international cuisine.
Vegetarian Entree Recipes
Assorted vegetarian entree recipes by a professional chef.
Vegetarian Fat-Free Passover Recipes
Soups, main dishes, sides, and desserts.
Vegetarian Food Recipes
Offers vegetarian recipes with images.
Vegetarian Foods
Volunteer chefs answer cooking and recipe questions about vegetarian foods. From AllExperts.com.
Vegetarian Home Cooking
Collection of vegetarian recipes with an Indian influence.
Vegetarian Kitchen
A collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as tips and tools.
Vegetarian Meatless Diet Recipes
Find hundreds of meatless recipes.
Vegetarian Mini Meals
Learn why you should be a vegetarian and how to be a vegetarian. Find easy vegetarian and vegan recipes for all meals.
Vegetarian Recipes and Cooking
Vegan and vegetarian recipes and cooking techniques from around the world. Includes instructions on making seitan and yuba from scratch.
The Vegetarian Society - Recipes
Vegetarian recipes that have been cross referenced into a variety of specialist lists and theme features.
Veggie Kids
Recipes especially for serving to children.
The Veggie Table
Vegetarian and vegan recipes, cookbook recommendations, and getting started articles.
A vegan blog and recipe collection.
Vegetarian cooking, recipes, product and restaurant reviews.
VegKitchen with Nava Atlas
Easy vegetarian and vegan recipes along with nutrition information and tips on cooking for kids and teens.
Yummily Yours'
Vegetarian recipes from around the world.
Yummy Vegetarian Recipes
Provides vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as cooking tips, animal friendly shopping links, and a glossary. Site creator has a B.S. in nutrition and dietetics.

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