Home Cooking Safety
Cooking, kitchen, food preparation and storage safety issues containing information about common problems with foods, and ways to minimize them.

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Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education
National association of public and private organizations committed to educating Canadians about the ease and importance of food safety in the home.
Food Safe Program
A comprehensive collection of US based food safety links and contacts, and a growing collection of documents on most areas of concern.
Food Safety
Food safety lessons, references, and glossary from Iowa State University's Food Safety Project.
Food Safety
Series of factsheets from the University of Florida.
Food Safety and Quality
Frequently asked questions about food preparation, storage, and other food safety issues.
Food Safety Consortium
Information about and reports on the subject.
Food Safety Project
Information from Iowa State University on handling foods for tailgate parties and picnics.
Gateway to US Government Food Safety Information
Provides links to selected government food safety-related information. Most US government web sites are listed.
Home Food Safety...It's in Your Hands
Site offers information on the subject.
Kitchen Safety Tips
Tips for safely using deep fat fryers and knives, and working around the stove.
National Center for Food Safety and Technology
Information about this consortium of food companies, the U.S Food and Drug Administration, and the Illinois Institute of Technology.
NPR : Lettuce Learn How to Wash Produce
Food safety experts explain how to best wash fruits and vegetables before eating them.
ScientificAmerican: Is It Safe to Eat?
Discussion and links on assorted food safety issues.
Turkey Safety
Basic tips on how to thaw, stuff, cook, and store turkey properly.
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