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Aarron's Small Time Grilling
Weblog with emphasis on healthy grilling recipes.
Adam Perry Lang
Barbecue and grilling expert and chef. Includes books, restaurant ventures, recipes, and news.
AlbuKirky BBQ and Other Stuff
Blog about grilling, barbequeing, and outdoor cooking.
AmazingRibs, Inc.
How to make authentic barbecue including tips on technique, sauce recipes, and a buying guide to smokers and accessories.
Another Pint Please
Blog about grilling, beer and photography.
Backyard Smoker Barbeque Chef
Includes information aimed at people who want to learn how to barbeque on a smoker grill.
The Barbecue Bible
Steven Raichlen's cookbook series and Barbecue University TV show. Includes recipes, techniques, newsletter, show information, and forum.
Barbecue Master
Blog with product and restaurant reviews, tips, recipes, and techniques.
Barbecue Rankings
A search for the 100 best barbecue restaurants in America.
Barbecue Sauce and Marinade
Recipes for barbecue sauces and marinades for meat, poultry, fish, and seafood.
Barbecue Secrets
Blog and podcasts with recipes, tips, and techniques.
Barbecue Smoker Recipes
Small collection of recipes and tips.
Barbecue Tricks
Includes a temperature and butcher's guide, alongside how-to videos.
Barbecues and Grilling
About.com's grilling resource site.
Barbeque Lovers
Contains recipes, grilling tips and tricks, restaurant reviews, reviews of sauces, rubs and marinades, and dutch oven cooking.
BBQ Blog
Blog offering bbq and chili recipes.
BBQ Bros
Barbecue blog featuring recipes, cooking tips, and equipment reviews.
BBQ Central Forum
Wide variety of discussion areas covering everything barbecue and grilling.
The BBQ Central Show
Radio program that can be heard online. Includes show archive, schedule, and youtube channel.
Bbq Dry Rubs
Weblog with barbecue tips, recipes and equipment reviews.
BBQ Food 4U
Website with bbq recipes, tips and videos.
BBQ Guam
Blog with recipes, tips, and photographs.
BBQ Junkie
Includes articles on books, competitions, recipes, and equipment.
BBQ Like a Pro
Covers grills, recipes, smokers, accessories, tools, and tailgating.
BBQ Myths
Contains articles about how to barbeque, equipment tips, and woods chips vs charcoal.
BBQ Pit Boys
BBQ and grilling recipes and tips explained on videos.
BBQ Queens
Help and recipes from Karen Adler and Judith Fertig.
BBQ Recipes from AllRecipes.com
Broad range of recipes including pizza on the grill, Grecian pork tenderloin, Tandoori chicken, smoked turkey, chicken and beef kabobs. Visitors' rating system for recipe results.
BBQ Sauce Reviews
Reviews sweet, sour, tangy, and spicy barbecue sauce for tailgating, cookouts, or backyard grilling.
The BBQ Site
Advice on meats, woods, seasonings, and techniques for slow-roasting over wood smoke.
BBQ Smoker Site
Barbecue recipes, reviews, products, and news.
BBQ with Jeff
Backyard bbq blog with a focus on product reviews and Weber grills.
Selected videos on all things barbecue and grilling.
Big Fat Daddy's BBQ Blog
Posts about competition barbecue, recipes, tips, techniques, and interviews with barbecue people.
Big Green Craig
Blog dedicated to grilling recipes and tips using a Big Green Egg.
The Big Green Eggic
Website dedicated to usage of the Big Green Egg.
Big Wayner's BBQ Blog
News from the BBQ world, recipes and product reviews.
Bob's Brew and 'Que
Blog offering barbecue tips and recipes.
Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction
Television show on the Food Network. Includes host information, schedule, recipes, videos, and episode guides.
The British Barbecue Pit
A British site for barbecuing and sausage making techniques, tips, and recipes.
Burnin' Love BBQ
Barbecue and grilling tips, techniques, recipes, and commentary from Chef Perry Perkins.
Cooking in My Yard
Blog with barbecue and grilling tips and recipes.
Collection includes recipes for various meats, desserts, seafood, and vegetables.
Cowgirl's Country Life
Blog about barbecue, grilling and country living.
Cows Are Delicious
Contains grilling recipes, reviews and tips.
Dr BBQ's Official Site
Ray Lampe provides recipes, how-to videos, and his books on grilling and barbecue.
Extraordinary BBQ
Offers barbecue basics, tips, rescipes, reviews, articles, and podcasts.
Food Network Grilling Central
Collection of barbecue and grilling recipes, tips, and techniques.
Girls At The Grill
Grilling and barbecue tips "for girls." Grilling 101, stocking your pantry, tricks and advice. Elizabeth Karmel provides recipes, suggestions on accessories, fashion and fun.
Go Blu BBQ
Blog about barbecue and Michigan sports.
Weekly video show featuring barbecue recipes, tips, tricks, advice and fun. Hosted by Jack Waiboer and Bill West.
Griffin's Grub
Grilling and bbq blog with focus on using a Big Green Egg.
Grilling blog with a focus on simple, fresh and fun recipes with heavy emphasis on innovative grilling ideas and healthy recipes for indoors or out.
Grillin Fools
Contains a discussion of the art and science of grilling, BBQing, smoking, and indirecting.
Grilling 24x7
Contains pictures, recipes and tips relating to charcoal grilling.
Grilling Companion
Techniques for grilling vegetables and meats.
Grilling Fanatic
Blog with bbq recipes and reviews.
Grilling Montana
A collection of culinary successes and failures, often done on the grill.
Grilling Seafood and Fish
BBQ grill tips for fish and shrimp. Freezing, thawing, and handling tips.
Grilling Smoking and Baking
Recipes and tips for using the big green egg.
Grilling with Rich
Barbecue and grilling products ratings and reviews, recipes, interviews with BBQ pros, cooking classes, videos, photographs, and news.
Gusface Grillah
Australian barbecue and grilling blog.
HankBob BBQ
Blog with grilling and barbecueing recipes, tips, reviews, interviews, and videos.
Advice on smoking woods, rubs, sauces.
Hot Smoke BBQ
Recipes and helpful hints for indirect grilling and hot smoking.
How To BBQ Right
Barbecue recipes, tips, and methods to improve cooking, grilling and slow-smoking for backyard BBQ enthusiasts.
HowStuffWorks: How Grills Work
Illustrated explanation of how gas grills work. Explains how charcoal is made, and the differences between liquid-propane (LP) and natural-gas grills.
Kamado Jim
Features kamado grilling and smoking tips, recipes, reviews, giveaways.
Step by step photos, ingredients for rubs, and recipes including smoked prime rib, salmon and hors d'oeuvres.
Kingsford Country
Tips for charcoal grilling, FAQs and news from the company.
Let's Q
Includes BBQ FAQs, instructions for making charcoal, and photos of BBQ pits. Recipes for general purpose rub and smoked turkey.
Mad Meat Genius
Fun and unusual ways of preparing meat with a few vegetables now and then.
Meat, Fire, Beer
Backyard barbecue weblog with recipes.
Nancy's Kitchen
Easy to prepare grilling recipes that have been collected from newspapers, magazines, box tops, and friends over the years.
National Barbecue News
News, recipes, and products for barbecue, grills, grilling, cooking contests, barbecue sauce, and restaurants.
Nibble Me This
Barbecue and grilling recipes, tips, and product reviews.
No Excuses BBQ
Barbequeing and grilling blog from the Pacific Northwest with techniques, product reviews, recipes, and photographs.
Nor Cal BBQ
Blog about the California barbecue world by Jeremiah Johnson.
NPR : A Hard-to-Kick Habit: Korean Barbecue Short Ribs
Describes one person's experience growing up eating kalbi - Korean-style barbecue short ribs. Offers the author's family recipe, Yoon Family Kalbi.
Outdoor Cooking Channel
Video shows covering barbecue, grilling, and Dutch oven cooking.
Outdoor Grilling
Grilling safety, flavoring tips, and recipes.
Patio Daddio BBQ
Celebrates barbecue, grilling, and outdoor cooking with recipes for ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, barbecue sauces, steaks, hamburgers, along with barbecue product reviews.
Patrons of the Pit
Two guys present grilling adventures.
Picnic recipes from Razzle Dazzle Recipes
Recipes for picnics, tailgate parties or backyard barbeques.
Planet Barbecue
Recipes for beginners and help on barbecuing all the year round.
Playing With Fire and Smoke
Thirdeye's cooking site. Collection of techniques, tips, and recipes for barbecuing, smoking, and cooking over fire.
Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen
Television show presents episodes, videos, tips, recipes, ans tools.
Prime Cuts Seasoning Recipe Exchange
A competition barbecue cooking team provides free step-by-step instructions and pictures for cooking pork, beef, chicken, and ribs.
Q 4 Fun
Blog with reviews of bbq products and restaurants. Includes BBQ related recipes and interviews.
The Salted Pig
Blog offering bbq and grilling recipes.
Sharky's Online Grilling Forum
A place for backyard grilling and BBQ enthusiasts to share their passion, technique and favorite recipes.
Blog with barbecue and grilling techniques and recipes.
BBQ and grilling techniques, equipment, cooking styles, and recipes
The Smoke Ring
From novice to large competition BBQ and smoking tips.
Smoker King, The
Contains pages about rubs, marinades, sauces, and bbq instructions.
Smoking Chicken
Backyard barbecue weblog with recipes.
Smoking Meat Forums
A virtual source for everything you want to know about smoking meat and BBQ.
Smoking Pit
BBQ, grilling, and Santa Maria Style cooking recipes with step by step instructions and instructional videos.
Includes techniques, tutorials, recipes, and guide to meat smoking the right way.
Taste of BBQ
Website offering bbq recipes and grilling instructions.
Tasty Grilling
Barbecue and grilling related recipes and tips with photographs and videos.
Texas Barbecue
The art and science of Texas barbecue from Texas A&M University. Features news, university course, barbecue camps, meat selection, seasoning recipes, BBQ science, cooking and smoking tips, food safety, and videos.
The Virtual Weber Bullet
Barbecue related recipes, resources, and discussion.
Weber Is Grilling
Personal weblog with grilling recipes.
Weber Rotisserie Central
Blog dedicated to rotisserie grilling and slow cooking on Weber kettles and gas grills.
Yummy Barbeque BBQ Grill Recipes
Recipes include Shrimp on the Barbie, Flank Steak, and Pizza on the BBQ. Some include photos.

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