Home Cooking Brand Name Recipes
This category contains sites for brand name food products which have recipes to share. Usually, the recipes will use one of the products as an ingredient. Sometimes the recipe will come from the packaging of the product. In this category, the name of the site is the name of the product, rather than the kind of food or cuisine. This enables users to locate a group of recipes by brand name.

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Afro Fusion Cuisine: Recipes
Provides African and Jamaican meal ideas using their sauces, spices and sausages.
Aidells: Tasty Recipes
Uses unusual flavored sausages, and includes recipes from the founder's cookbook.
Aloha Recipes
Manufacturers of Hawaiian sauces provide meal ideas using their products.
American Rice, Inc.
Rice recipes and cooking tips.
Atkinson Mill
A collection of recipes from a flour milling company.
Ayam Brand Recipes & Video Finder
Provides ideas for mains, puddings and snacks.
Azteca: Family Dinner
Mexican food products. Information about products and services, and recipes using their products.
Back of the Box Recipes
An index of brand name recipes, with a forum and newsletter.
Provides recipes using their Italian sauces.
Betty Crocker
Meal planning, award winning recipes, menu suggestions and special occasion tips.
Blue Dragon: Recipes
Produces Asian items such as sauces. Meal ideas include noodle salad, special fried rice, charred asparagus salad and Chinese BBQ gammon steaks.
Bruce Foods
Louisiana recipes using the company's products.
Bundaberg Sugar Recipes
Recipes featuring Australian grown sugar include Passionfruit Dessert Cake and Pecan and Cherry Bread.
Burleson's Honey: Recipes
Provides meal ideas using their products with a section on beauty.
Good selection of recipes to make with turkey or to accompany a turkey meal. Recipes range from grilling to beverages, and are searchable.
California Antilles Trading: Caribbean Recipes
Provides instructions for making meals such as jerk chicken and island red snapper.
Chef Paul Prudhomme: Recipes
Seasoning blends manufacturer with ideas for meals including gumbo, jambalaya and grilled chicken.
Chicken of the Sea
Chicken of the Sea recipes, product information and FAQs.
Clabber Girl: Recipes
Meal ideas including gluten-free and vegan.
Clamato: Food
Provides recipes using tomato juice.
Coco Lopez Recipes
A variety of drinks and dishes you can make with Coco Lopez's Cream of Coconut.
College Inn Broth
Recipes using chicken, beef, and garden vegetable broth from College Inn. Cooking tips to enhance flavor and reduce fat, brand history, and FAQ.
Cookies: Signature Recipes
Provides meal suggestions using their sauces.
Cooks.com: 101 Ways to Reduce Calories with Equal
Kitchen tested recipes plus tips using Equal brand sweetner.
CopyKat Creations
Recipes for popular restaurant meals.
Country Crock
Recipes using margarine spreads. Includes ideas for meals, appetizers and desserts.
Offers lots of recipes, including instructions for whole dinners complete with suggestions for letting the kids help.
Eliki's Recipes with Olive Oil
Small collection of Greek recipes using gourmet oil.
Offers recipes using the product.
Famous Brandname Recipes
Links to over 200 brand name websites, listed by category.
Famous Chili
Small collection of simple mexican and southwestern recipes, from Chili Cheese Dip to Quick Tamale Casserole.
Fleischmann's Yeast Breadworld
Both the experienced and novice baker will find abundant recipes and baking information here.
Freida's Specialty Produce: Recipes
Provides ideas for fruit and vegetable inspired dishes.
Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited
Recipe collection and free recipe booklets.
GloryBee: Aunt Patty's Recipe Blog
Provides honey-based meal ideas.
Golden Cloud
Provides general cooking tips and recipes using their products. Includes Diwali treats, pies and bread.
Hershey Foods Corporation
Can search by recipe, food category, or Hershey product used.
Hershey's Recipes
Producers of confections such as chocolate and syrups, present dishes to be made using their products.
Hidden Valley Ranch
Recipes from Hidden Valley.
Hodgson Mill: Recipes
Manufacturers of bread and cereal products provide instructions to make a variety of dishes.
Produces a number of food products including meat. Supplies a wide range of recipes.
Hungry Jack Recipes
Recipes using Hungry Jack products.
Hunts: Recipe Collections
Manufacturer of tinned tomatoes and sauces provides meal ideas.
Häagen-Dazs: Recipes
Presents ideas for using their ice-cream in desserts.
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter: Recipes
Provides meal ideas including breakfast, quick dishes, desserts and vegetarian.
Jif Peanut Butter
Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks using the company's product.
Jiffy Mix
Recipes from the Chelsea Baking Company for Jiffy Mix.
Jimmy Dean
Provides sausage-related recipes with pictures and comments.
Just Bare Chicken: Recipes
A selection of meal ideas made with their products.
Kame Oriental Foods
Asian cooking ingredients.
Kangaroo Pita Pocket Bread Recipes
Printer-friendly recipes for pita fillings. Divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
Kellog's Family Rewards
Presents a wide range of recipes using their products, along with nutrition facts.
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats
Provides step by step instructions with photos and reader comments.
Kellogg's: Recipes
Offers recipes using cereals, crackers or cookies, sorted by occasion or by method.
Kikkoman: Home Cooks
Producer of seasonings, sauces and coatings presents recipes and video demonstrations.
King Arthur Flour: Bread
Collection of yeast and quick bread recipes including ethnic, holiday and bread machine.
Knorr: Recipes
Manufacturers of stock cubes share their ideas for meals including baked haddock with orange, beef fondue and spinach dip.
Kraft Canada Inc.
Database of recipes. Includes tips and healthy eating articles.
Kraft Foods Recipes
Recipes and other cooking information. Also has a service which gives recipe suggestions for ingredients selected. Recipes by email.
Kraft: "Kolorful" Kool-Aid Drop Cookies
With tips and nutritional information.
Kraft: Hanukkah Sugar Cookies
Instructions on how to make the treats with their Philadelphia cream cheese.
Kraft: JELL-O Pastel Cookies
Easter colors sugar cookies with pastels using Jell-o to color them.
Lee Kum Kee
Asian sauce manufacturer presents meal ideas.
Lipton Recipe Secrets
Assorted recipes and cooking tips.
Loyd Grossman
Sauce manufacturer presents meal ideas with at-a-glance preparation times and tips.
Chicken, meat, vegetable, seafood, and dessert recipes using the company's products.
McCormick - Recipes
Large collection of indexed searchable recipes.
Mimi's Cafe Recipes
Recipes from the restaurant chain known for its muffins.
Mr. Dell's: Recipes
Provides meal ideas using hash browns.
Mrs. Dash: Recipes
Salt-free products used in a variety of dishes, including soups, stews, salads and dips.
MW Polar Foods
Recipes using this company's canned tuna, seafood, fruit, and vegetable products.
Near East: Recipes
Producers of rice and couscous provide meal ideas using their products.
Nestle's Very Best Baking
Recipes and ideas from Nestle, Carnation, Libby's and Albers baking products.
Nestlé: Choose Wellness
Provides articles, recipes and advice.
Nestlé: Hippity Hoppity Bunny Cookies
Instructions to make these 3D treats for Easter.
Newman's Own
Food and beverage manufacturer provides a variety of recipes.
Ocean Spray
The makers of cranberry products such as juice, cordial and dried fruit, provide recipes to make dishes using their products. Includes cocktails and smoothies and desserts.
Ott's Recipes
Meal ideas from the sauce and dressing manufacturer.
Oxo: Recipes
Presents savory meals to make with their products.
The Pillsbury Company
Includes recipes and contests.
Pillsbury: Recipes
Manufacturers of baking products and mixes provides instructions to make a variety of dishes using their products.
Post Consumer Brands, LLC
Recipes using the Malt-O-Meal hot and cold cereals may be found at this site.
Presto - Our Favorite Recipes
Recipes for homemade pizza, deep fryer, pressure cooker, popcorn, and salad shooter, from the appliance manufacturer.
Quaker: Recipes
Provides sweet and savory meal ideas using their oats.
Hearty collection of quick and easy classic Italian recipes.
The Real Irish Food Company: Recipes
Producers of condiments present meal ideas. Organized by mealtimes or product, these include lamb hotpot, Swiss roll and tomato soup.
Red Monkey Foods
Recipes using this company's blends, rubs, seasonings, and organic spices.
Features recipes, cooking tips, and information on all of Reynolds Products.
Rice-a-roni and Pasta Roni
Main dish recipes and side dish suggestions.
Robin Hood
Large searchable database of baking recipes, in such categories as bread machine, desserts, and kids.
A collection of recipes using their products.
Indian pasta company provides recipes for Indian food and world cuisine.
Scandinavian Spice Company Recipes
Collection of recipes based on appeal and reviewed and modified by chefs to use available time saving products.
Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian recipes plus hints for cooking, popular dishes and a host of cultural information.
Smart Balance Food Plan
Provides a seven day menu and recipes.
Smucker's Kitchen
Recipes and cooking tips.
StarKist: Recipes
Manufacturers of tinned tuna, salmon and clams present meal ideas featuring their products.
Sugar in the Raw Recipes
Recipes using this Hawaiian cane sugar, including tropical desserts, muffins and sweets.
Swaggerty's Farm
Producers of pork sausages share suggestions for recipes.
Tack Sauce: Recipes
Blog featuring sweet and savory meals.
Tony Chachere's
Louisiana-style food products used in a variety of recipes.
Top Secret Recipes on the Web
Make brand-name products at home with common ingredients. New recipes every month. Message boards, chats, an online store, and a message board for discussing brand-name food no longer being produced.
Turkey Hill Recipes
Producers of ice-cream and drinks suggest recipes such as iced tea, lemonade and egg nog.
Tyson: Meal Ideas
Manufacturers of prepared chicken provides recipes including bologna pickle stickles, alphabet soup and pizza burgers.
Wilton Industries Recipes
Recipes using Wilton's products for desserts.
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing
Offers recipes, a salad glossary, and a grilling guide.

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