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This category provides product and service information so that consumers can make informed purchasing decisions. It also provides information about service contracts, warranties, recalls, and other product or service information for consumers who already have made purchases.

Sites in this category are buyers' guides, decision guides, price comparisons, recall information, or tips and advice.

Sites which are primarily promotional in nature, and not significantly useful in making informed shopping choices, can be found in appropriate Business, Regional, or Shopping categories.

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American Gem Trade Association
The natural colored gemstone and cultured pearl source of information and ideas.
Buy a Diamond
Diamond buying advice. Includes facts about the origins of diamonds and how the stones progress from rough to cut.
Diamond basics, covering the 5 C's--carat weight, color, clarity, cut and cost.
Information to help make shoppers aware of simulated stones and of diamonds that might have received undisclosed treatments to improve their appearance.
Diamond Buying Guide
Discusses certification, shapes, grade, and other diamond related topics. Also includes precious metal guides.
Diamond Review
Diamond buying guide includes a price database, diamonds tutorial, and diamond FAQ.
Enchanted Learning
An illustrated glossary, including terms that describe fine and costume jewelry, gemstones, and jewelry making.
Gem Gallery - The Image.com
Photos of gemstones, each accompanied by a description of the gem's properties and where it is commonly found. Includes instructions for close-up gem photography.
Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
A nonprofit organization that offers gemstone identification and buying advice to consumers and training to those in the jewelry trade. The GIA provides lab services to the jewelry industry.
The House of Tibara
Facts about opal include chemical make-up, buying advice, cutting and polishing basics, and opal care. Includes photos of different types of opals.
How Stuff Works: Moissanite Jewels
Five-part, illustrated guide that discusses the origin of natural Moissanite and explains how it is being created in the lab today.
Provides basic information to help familiarize buyers with the qualities they should look for when searching for a diamond.
Informational site with articles by volunteer editors from the jewelry industry. Includes articles on gemstones, buying guides, help for men, and common questions.
The Jewelry Box Newsletter
Features tips on buying diamonds and jewelry, gemstone facts and cleaning silver.
Jewelry Buying Advice
Provides information to help consumers evaluate and purchase gemstones, jewelry, watches and related accessories. From About.com.
Safe Jewelry
Offers articles discussing jewelry terminology, pricing, quality measures.
A reference library covering natural gemstones and minerals, synthetic and treated gems. Also offers resources for people who would like to pursue a career in gemology.

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