Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia that usually affects older adults. It is characterized by memory loss that worsens over time and the loss of the ability to perform daily tasks;it is ultimately fatal. Some other illnesses can mimic symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

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About Alzheimer's, Menopause and Memory Disorders
Frequently asked questions on prevention, and treatment of Alzheimer's disease; Menopause related memory loss.
Alzheimer's Disease
Mayo Clinic experts offer information, explanations and advice about treatment and care for patients with Alzheimer's Disease.
Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet
Compiled by NINDS, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.
Alzheimer's Disease Resource Center -
Medical news, information, chat, articles, books, message boards, and directory of related sites on Alzheimers Disease.
Alzheimer's Information Site
Information on AD, the research being conducted, and what resources are available. Presented by the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation.
Alzheimer's Talking Point
Share information and experiences about all forms of dementia. Available through the Alzheimer's Society website but is run and hosted by discussion forum members themselves.
Alzheimers Disease
Describes the symptoms, the causes, diagnosis, and treatment.
Alzheimers Disease: Medicine Net
Causes and symptoms of Alzheimers disease, information on medication and other treatment options.
Elder Options of Texas
Information and resources on Alzheimer's and dementia throughout Central Texas.
eMedicine Health - Alzheimer Disease
Consumer health resource center offers information on causes, symptoms, and treatments of this brain disorder.
NHS Choices: Alzheimer's Disease
Provides information on this form of dementia. Includes a short video and details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
Patient: Alzheimer's Disease
Factsheet on this form of cortical dementia affecting higher mental functions, including its epidemiology, presentation, differential diagnosis, investigation, management, prognosis and prevention.
Topix: Alzheimer's News
News on Alzheimer's disease collected from various sources.
Alzheimer's disease affects an estimated 1 in 10 people over age 65. Find in-depth disease information including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and promising treatments.
BBC: Early Alzheimer's signs detected
A new analysis may help detect the earliest signs of cell damage caused by Alzheimer's disease. (September 30, 2006)

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