Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cell. It is considered an incurable but treatable disease.

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The International Myeloma Foundation
Non-profit organization featuring research, clinical trials, events, fundraising and a newsletter.
eMedicine Health: Myeloma
Health resource provides a review article on the disease, information on causes, symptoms and treatment.
General Practice Notebook: Multiple Myeloma
Provides basic definition of the disease and related links.
Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center: Multiple Myeloma
An overview of this disease, answers to questions from the public, and links to further resources. From the National Institutes of Health's Office of Rare Diseases Research.
Imperial Cancer Research Fund: Multiple Myeloma
UK charity offers information about risk factors, diagnosis and treatment.
MedlinePlus: Multiple Myeloma
Detailed information about the disease from the National Institutes of Health. Provides overview of multiple myeloma, news, treatment, diagnosis and symptoms information. Includes information regarding recent clinical trials, myeloma related research, and alternative treatment.
Support resource for multiple myeloma includes information, links and a forum.
The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
MMRF is a nonprofit organization that works to accelerate the development of new multiple myeloma treatments. Includes information and resources for patients, family members and researchers.
Multiple Myeloma Survivor Stories
Resource for patients to share and receive stories from others facing this disease.
The Myeloma Beacon
News articles, regular columns by people diagnosed with myeloma, events calendar, discussion forum.
Myeloma Euronet
Non-profit European initiative dedicated to raising the awareness of multiple myeloma. Network headquarters are located in Oxshott, England.
Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy
Committed to patient care, clinical, and basic science research. Includes information about the disease, the institute, recent publications, and other resources.
Myeloma UK
Resource for those seeking information about the treatment and management of multiple myeloma.
NHS Choices: Multiple Myeloma
Provides information on this uncommon type of bone marrow cancer that affects plasma cells. Includes a short video and details of symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment and complications.
UK Myeloma Forum
Registered charity providing resources for the diagnosis, care and research of myeloma and plasma-cell disorders. Located in London, England.

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