Health Alternative Iridology
Iridology is the study of the eye's iris, in order to diagnose disease and to promote well-being.

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Advanced Iridology Research Journal
Contains international research by John Andrews, his affiliate books, articles, courses, and an on-line newsletter.
Book on Iridology by Farida Sharan ND
A complete guide to diagnosing through the iris and to related forms of treatment [PDF]
Canadian Institute of Iridology
Description of professional courses offered and link to scientific journal.
Choices for Health and Harmony
Diane Elms presents basic treatment information, with details of what to expect at her Ontario practice.
Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists
Registry of professional Iridologists with educational guidelines, courses, and events in the U.K.
Healing With Iridology
Information site explaining how eye diagnosis works, its history, and value in the healing arts.
International Iridology Practitioners Association
Overview, FAQs and education details, with information about membership, people and events.
Iridology and Health & Wellness Courses
Describes different kinds of Iridology and offers courses as well as other natural healing resources.
Iridology Page
Includes the Iridologist's Creed, articles, schools and tools directory, and bulletin board.
Iridology Resource Page
Information on reading the iris and recognizing internal weaknesses. Has some basic history and links.
MD Jones Enterprises
Introduction and glossary of terms, with details of related products and training seminars.
The Skeptic's Dictionary - Iridology
Overview of history, with skeptical analysis.
Iridology Is Nonsense
Article by Stephen Barrett, M.D., explaining the lack of scientific evidence to support the practice. (March 28, 2008)
Iridology Misunderstood
This article discusses benefits as well as limitation to the science. Published by "" and Written by Bill Caradonna, RPh, ND. (May 01, 2003)

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