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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines folk medicine as "traditional medicine as practiced nonprofessionally especially by people isolated from modern medical services and usually involving the use of plant-derived remedies on an empirical basis". As stated by David J. Hufford, professor in the Department of Humanities at the Penn State College of Medicine: Folk medicine is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that relies heavily (although not exclusively) on oral tradition. Strongly influenced by cultural norms and values, folk medicine generally comprises the "unofficial" or "lay" health beliefs and practices found in all societies. (Hufford DJ. "Folk medicine and health culture in contemporary society". Primary Care. 1997;24:723-741, cited in Report 13 of the Council on Scientific Affairs (A-97), American Medical Association)

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Provides suggestions for treatments of common maladies such as sunburn and indigestion.
A Brief Note Regarding Campa Medical Practices
Describes the author's experiences with Campa Indian remedies in the Amazon River Basin.
Cebuano Herbsman
Suggestions for alternative treatments and cures.
Curanderismo: Folk Healing in the Southwest
Radio documentary describing traditional healing with herbs, aromas, massage and rituals. Requires Real Player.
Cure Cabinet
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Suggestions for treatments for minor and major ailments. Includes a section on menopause and growing herbs.
A treatment center in Thailand specializing in the use of natural healing methods and herbs to treat cancer.
Food as Medicine
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Healing Wonders of Philippine Medicinal Plants
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Health 911: Folk Remedies
Alphabetical listing of ailments, their causes and cures.
Home Remedies for You
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Home Remedies Web
Provides information on natural cures for a variety of common illnesses.
Home Remedy Central
Offers natural solutions for healing common health problems.
Offers treatments and tips for ailments. Also has articles on skin care, meditation and the immune system.
Offers natural treatments for various ailments. Also provides information on yoga, herbs and vitamins.
India Parenting: Home Remedies
Cures for common childhood ailments and link to information about traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine.
International Home Remedies
An archive composed by students from around the world.
Midwives and Maternity Care in the Roman World
Comparisons between folk treatment and professional midwifery in Greco-Roman society, primarily based upon the writings of Pliny and Soranus. Includes references.
My Home Remedies
A forum where readers can submit their own home remedies as well as rate and comment on others' submissions.
Old Cures
The history of old medicine, and an old medical book.
Oral Thrush Treatment
Provides tips and suggests remedies for yeast infections. Also covers beauty and lifestyle issues. Written in blog format.
Pediatric Oncall - Home-Made Remedies
Indian traditional treatments for common childhood ailments.
Philippine Alternative Medicine
A study of various alternative medicines in the Philippines.
Placenta Disposal Suggestions
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Placenta Recipes
Mothering Magazine offers an illustrated guide to preparing the placenta for consumption.
Safe Natural Cures - More Than Home Remedies
Suggests remedies for common problems such as stuffy noses, yeast infections, athlete's foot and hiccups.
Self Healing Herbs
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Siddha Home Remedies
A herbal medicinal system developed in South India. Offers tips for a variety of ailments with local produce.
Simple Remedies
Traditional folk remedies and ideas to treat common and not-so common ailments. Generated by readers of
Skin Cancer Treatment Alternative Using Topical Pancreatin Enzymes
Describes home remedy using a popular contact lens cleaning solution mixed with aloe vera gel.
Some Common Medicinal and Poisonous Plants Used in Ethiopian Folk Medicine
Treatise by Amare Getahun, professor at Addis Abeba University, Ethiopia. Includes introduction to Ethiopian medical lore, glossary and description of plants and their uses.
Speedy Remedies
Provides natural home remedies for various diseases and conditions.
That Heals That
Offers a variety of kitchen remedies, information about superfoods and improving quality of life.
Top 10 Home Remedies
Online resource for videos and articles on natural health and alternative medicine.
Traditional (Native American) Indian Medicine Treatment of Chronic Illness
An article by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona presentsing research on how traditional practices can integrate with medicine to treat chronic illness. Includes comparison and demographic charts.
TSHA: Folk Medicine
Referenced article describing beliefs and practices among the Anglo, Mexican and Black cultures in Texas.
Provides information about herbal remedies, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy.
Archived article from the east Texas weekly newspaper column All Things Historical. Describes remedies the author experienced in childhood and lists cures for warts. (August 21, 2000)

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