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Energy healing incorporates many modalities, from traditional ethnic practices to modern techniques developed from bioenergetic research. Since the living human body projects an energy field (aura) around it, it is possible to affect the solid corporeal body by working with its energetic projection.

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Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for self help articles, downloads, demonstration and full EFT protocol.
Academy of Sound, Color and Movement
Vibrational medicine, color therapy, sound healing and acupuncture with tuning forks researched by Fabien Maman. Courses available worldwide. U.S. office in Boulder, Colorado.
Alchemy of the Spirit
Matthew Scudiere offers alchemical techniques and classes on clearing and living with conscious intent. Knoxville, Tennessee.
Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies
News, articles, energy psychology training and referrals.
Barbara Brennan School of Healing
Hands of Light Healing holistic health training. Barbara Brennan, founder. Boca Raton, Florida.
Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends
World-wide association for spiritual help and healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Grete Häusler, founder. Multilingual site based in Germany.
Caroline Myss
Articles on energy healing and training based on Caroline Myss's book, Sacred Contracts.
Center for Directional Healing
Therapy uses resonance of high frequencies of inner light and sound for healing. Courses available. Practitioners list. Based in Huntsville, Alabama.
Chakra Balancing
Offers articles and links to related sites from
Chios Energy Field Healing
Online tutorial of advanced techniques in energy field (aura and chakra) healing. Stephen H. Barrett, founder.
Laurie Seligman offers seminars, workshops, corporate retreats, consultation in energy field awareness incorporating dolphin behaviour. Los Angeles, California.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Gary Craig provides online resources on EFT, a modality that works with the body's subtle energies. Gualala, California.
Quantum healing modality. Self help protocols, techniques, manuals, practitioners and events, news groups, forums.
Energy and the Enneagram
Acupressure points and Chakra techniques for each Enneagram personality type by Ewald Berkers.
Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth
Energy healing workshops, free newsletter by Jim Gilkeson. Middletown, California.
The Energy Medicine Institute
Offers professional training in Ashland, Oregon. Classes by Donna Eden.
Frequencies of Brilliance
Offers therapy description, information on sessions, certification details, events and workshops.
The Healing Art of Jing Nuan Wu
Prints, paintings to promote health, well-being and the self healing ability. Wu's Healing Art LifePath Health Center, Bethesda, Maryland.
Articles on spirituality, spirit guides, tarot, numerology, pendulums, and other esoteric topics.
Inner Access 101
Lori Wilson teaches medical intuition, channelling and regression. Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
Inner Focus International School for Advanced Energy Healing
Teaches healing through spiritual empowerment. AlixSandra Parness, founder. Las Vegas, Nevada.
Institute for Orgonomic Science (IOS)
Dedicated to the Science of Orgonomy and Wilhelm Reich. Involved with the prevention and treatment of human neurosis, the functioning of life energy (the orgone) in nature and man. Lansdale, Pennsylvania.
Integrated Energy Therapy
Energy therapy and self-healing seminars and certification. Stevan J. Thayer, founder of The Center of Being. Woodstock, New York.
The Integratron
Information about the rejuvenation machine constructed by George Van Tassel located near Joshua Tree, California.
International Foundation of Bio-Magnetics
Non-profit organization provides courses and free services in Bio-Magnetic Touch Healing. Offices in Arizona and Hawaii.
International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM)
Non-profit interdisciplinary organization for the study of the basic sciences and medical and therapeutic applications of subtle energies. Annual conference, journal. Arvada, Colorado.
Intuitive Energy Healing
Courses and workshops by medical intuitive Nancy A. Clark. Tucson, Arizona.
Kairos Therapy
Physio-emotional release therapy. Practitioners, training available worldwide.
Kofutu - Personal Development, Meditation and Spiritual Healing
Offers access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of symbols. Classroom and home study courses are available.
Llewellyn Encyclopedia: The System of Chakras
Article by Anodea Judith gives a basic overview of the seven major chakras and the system of chakras.
Medicine of the Light
Gaetano Conforto describes the relationship between spirit-mind-body and healing with the help of quantum physics. Multilingual site based in Italy.
The Mystery School
Judy Miller Dienst teaches numerous healing, psychic and spiritual development classes. Lafayette, Colorado.
Oriental Music Treatment
Group of academics doing studies on Indian classical music for stress, anxiety, and hypertension. Sri Lanka.
Quantum-Touch Energy Healing
Breathing and body awareness exercises help focus and amplify life-force energy. Workshops available.
Ra-Sheeba Crystal Path to Spiritual Growth
Universal Healing Energy works directly on the chakras, changing our DNA, vibration, and soul colours. Workshops available.
Relational Energy Healing
Dean Ramsden offers healing through the energetics of transformation. Teacher training available.
Self Help Recovery
Charles Barbarow has developed a recovery system that heals emotional wounds, increases cognitive ability and accelerates the process of recovery.
Soul Memory Discovery
Using the power of language and sacred ritual to bring purpose and meaning to life, includes class schedules, origins, gatherings, facilitators, and testimonials.
Spiritual Human Yoga - Holland
Courses in Human and Universal Energy developed by Vietnamese Master Luong Minh Dang. Multilingual site. World headquarters in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Time Alterations
August N. Alonzo presents a personal training guide based on natural law for self-healing and natural health.
Touching Spirit Center
Educational center in the science of energy medicine and the art of spiritual healing. Sessions, workshops, training programs, healing circles. Elizabeth K. Stratton, founder. Litchfield, Connecticut.
VortexHealing Institute
Energetic healing art from the Merlin lineage. Class schedules and contacts. Ric Weinman, founder. Evergreen, Colorado.
Warren Grossman
Classes offered to learn how to use nature's energy to heal. Beachwood, Ohio.
Way of Immunity
Courses in Immunics, self-immunity that uses everyday intuitive powers combined with a practical scientific approach. Office in Florida. World Harmonic Unified Ministers (WHUM).
Wellness of Numbers
Use a combination of colors, shapes, and affirmations to help the body heal itself.
The Wizard School
The Integrating System, a wizard apprenticeship workshop series. Compassionate Dowsing. Randall Barolet, facilitator. Bagn, Norway.
World in Light
Magdalena Light offers educational programs and healing services with the mission of integrating the soul and healing. Based in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

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