Word games that specifically are of a "hangman" genre. This involves guessing letters to reveal a word or phrase. After a certain number of incorrect guesses, a character onscreen is "hanged". The hanging can take the many forms besides hanging by noose.

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Bab.la - Hangman
Game which keeps player scores.
Bible Hangman
Play from random verses picked from the Bible.
English Games - Hangman
Three different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and several topics (animals, colours, days of the week, months, parts of the body, numbers), especially designed for ESL students.
Hang'm or Save'm
Guess a word to hang a bad guy, or save a good guy. Also learn about each and add new characters to the collection.
Try to save the smart mouthed Kangaroo from a good old fashioned neck stretching.
Collection of games that you can play online. Includes versions for kids and for students of the English language.
Hangman - Friendly Dragon Games
A browser based configurable hangman game. The main site has more games.
Hangman - Funmin
The game has a hidden list of world famous quotes and proverbs.
Hangman - Wild West Edition
A browser based Flash game completely themed around the wild west, including a dictionary of wild west terms. Login required.
Hangman Ahorcado - Facebook
The goal is to guess a word in less than 6 attempts.
Hangman Game
Online flash hangman game with words from multiple categories, hangman code.
Hangman Online
Game uses an dictionary for vocabulary building.
Irish Hangman
Play Irish Hangman game online and save 'Myles the Slasher' from the dreaded noose.
J Hangman ( JavaScript Hangman )
A JavaScript twist on the classic Hangman puzzle game, complete with sound, graphics, and word libraries.
Kokolikoko Hangman Game
Hangman game with categories.
Music Hangman Word Game
The answers in this hangman variation are comprised primarily of classical composers.
Thonky.com - Hangman
A free online hangman game coded in JavaScript that selects from a vast database of common English words.
Word-Grabber Hangman
Online hangman game also optimized for smartphones and tablets. Includes categories like US cities, countries and fruits and vegetables. JavaScript.
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