This is where to find word games of all kinds including original word games, crosswords, anagrams, word search, hangman, and all the rest.

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6-Letter-Word Game
Mastermind-like game played with 6-letter words, contains instructions on how to play.
BigOpolis Daily Fill-It-In
Daily online fill-it-in puzzle similar to a crossword puzzle but easier. Fun
New crossword puzzles, word search games every day.
East of the Web Word Games
A collection of free word games to play by yourself or against others. Includes fast-paced vocabulary, anagrams, and mastermind.
The Enigma Device
A fun online Java word game. Features three new word puzzles every day.
A selection of multiplayer word games and cryptograms testing your vocabulary know-how.
Hanging Hyena - Cryptograms
Online cryptogram word game; site also features solving tools for word games and cryptography puzzles.
Internet Park
Site for word game lovers. Games include ReadyMix, Jumbles, and Anagram. User registration required.
Multi-player drawing game similar to Pictionary.
The Letterbox Game
Use randomly generated letters to form words across and down in a four by four grid. Compete against the computer for high score.
Play (on-line) Moot - the critically acclaimed Canadian board-game that tests your knowledge of the English language.
Play With Your Mind
Features games, puzzles and brain fitness exercises.
Porky Pies
A free online word game. The aim is to find the correct origin of a phrase from three possible answers.
Puzzle Depot:
Devoted to puzzles, board games, trivia, related books and software. You will find crosswords, riddles and word puzzles, logic and strategy software/board games, and a large selection of shareware.
Retail Alphabet Game
Rack your brain trying to figure out from what products and corporations these single-letter logo excerpts come.
The home of hundreds of fun riddles. Play on the site or join the email list and get a riddle a day.
Online game of word association. View archive to see previous words and relations.
Twenty Questions
AI game, with database partly built from user input. Free registration required for full access.
Vandelay Games: Word Gamer's Paradise
Links to quality online resources and word games. Also contains information about Vandelay Games' products, Breakdown, Code Breaker, Grid-Lock, and Woidz.
Create an invented word to match the definition in this daily create-a-word game. Players vote for their favorite definitions.
Vocabulary puzzles and games.
English, German, Russian, Hungarian language study games, word practice tool, hangman game, irregular verbs.
Word Association
Creates chains of text from user suggested words.
Word Detective Word Search Game
A seek and find word search game where you put in the words. Print it out for your friends.
Merriam-Webster's Word Central offers kids a student dictionary, Daily Buzzword, and interactive word games. Includes homework help and lesson plans for parents, teachers.
Online word games, word puzzle solving tools, and dictionary.
A massively multiplayer word-finding game.
Worm Nerd
Game to create a sentence using the letters in a word.
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