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Contains clan and guild sites which play a variety of multiplay and massive multiplayer games, or which are about clans for those games.

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Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Plays BattleField 1942, Counter-Strike, Diablo II, EverQuest, Ghost Recon, NeverWinter Nights, PlanetSide, Raven Shield, Rocket Arena III, Tactical Ops, Tribes, and Tribes II. Roster, rules, members' area, contact details, and recruitment information.
The Art of Warfare
A Community for Online Games. Offers forums, awards, events and support.
Central Outpost
Offers clan directory, resources, forums, and game reviews.
Destiny Dealers
Plays Command and Conquer, Starcraft, Dawn of War, Racing Games and Guild Wars. Exists since 2005.
Evil Geniuses
Plays Call of Duty, Dota, World of Warcraft and Counterstrike. Offers news and a forum.
Fallen Gaming Community
Built from members of a Medal of Honor: Allied Assault community in 2002. Plays games ranging from FPS to MMORPG.
Plays World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3, Quake and Counterstrike. Participates in pro gaming leagues. Was founded in 1997.
MSC Clan
Play Diablo 2, Starcraft, and Shadowbane.
The Order of the Phoenix
Online gaming and MMORPG clan. Offers flash games, forums and downloads.
Reign of Shingen
Plays Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Guild Wars, PlanetSide, World of WarCraft. Includes roster and forum.
Respawn Inc
Plays Age of Conan, Unreal Tournament 3 and Call of Duty 4. Contains news, member roster, match information, and forums.
Roving Guns
Plays America's Army, Battlefield 2, EVE Online, Fighter Ace, Lineage II, MechWarrior, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft. News, command structure, forum, roster, and game information.
Section 8
Plays Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Age of Conan.Offers a forum and downloads for its members.
Sent from Hell
A clan that plays Counterstrike, Guild Wars, Dawn of War, Battlefield and World of Warcraft. It was founded in 2002.
SK Gaming
A clan for World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, Warcraft 3 and Fifa. Exists since 1997. Provides eSports news.
Tribe of Judah
Christian-based multi-game Clan which plays shooters, MMORPGs and real-time strategy games. Includes charter, roster, image gallery, enlistment form.
uSyn Gaming
A clan playing Half - Life 2 modifications and the MMORPG Age of Conan.
Warrior Nation
Plays RTS, FPS and MMORPG games. With forums, rosters, news and downloads.
Xen of Onslaught
Plays Americas Army, Battlefield 2, City Of Heroes, Guild Wars, and World of Warcraft. Includes game information covering armor, equipment, vehicles, and weapons, screenshots, forums, and outfit roster, rules, and joining information.

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