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9th Level Games
The official KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY!The Beer and Pretzels RPG website. Includes game information, errata, free downloads, and maps.
Developer of Continuum, the time travel RPG, and Yamara, comic strip and RPG.
Alderac Entertainment Group
AEG is a publisher of Shadis Magazine - the source of information about hobby gaming industry. Most known AEG games: Shadis and Legend of the Five Rings.
Atlas Games
A publisher of roleplaying games, card games, and board games, including Unknown Armies, Lunch Money, Over the Edge, On the Edge, Once Upon a Time, Ars Magica, Spammers.
Battlefield Press, Inc.
Includes an online catalog, company information, convention scheduling, and product details.
Burger Games
Finnish game company publishing games in Finnish and English.
Chaosium Games
Publishers of Call of Cthulhu, Elric!, Pendragon, Nephilim RPGs as well as Starry Wisdom magazine and Mythos CCG. Chaosium were also the original publishers of RuneQuest.
Columbia Games
Publishers of Harn, a "magic-weak" FRP setting, and its detailed gazetteers and rules system, Harnmaster.
Convivium Central
An organization dedicated to Interactive Literature... role-playing games for people who don't play games.
Crafty Games
Publishers of the Spycraft line of RPGs. Includes a wiki, online community and a lot of free, supporting downloads.
Cumberland Games & Diversions
Tabletop RPG publisher specializing in electronic publishing. The Risus RPG, Sparks paper-miniature fonts, and the Fly From Evil crime-drama RPG.
An independent d20 System electronic publisher of rpg accessories and supplements, founded by Brian K. Moseley.
Deep 7
Publisher of 1PG, Arrowflight, Mean Streets, Red Dwarf, Santa's Soldiers, and various downloadable systems. Features online catalog and shopping, fan material, an art gallery, and a forum.
Dilly Green Bean Games
Creators of The Basic System line of role-playing games. Also publishes e-book games and game books.
Dream Pod 9
The home site of Dream Pod 9 on the web. With links to their products and online ordering available
Fantasy Flight Games
Publishers of Anima, Dragonstar, Dawnforge, Dark Heresy and other RPG titles, alongside board games, card games and miniatures.
Firefly Games
The publisher of tabletop roleplaying games and other products in the adventure games industry including Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat.
Flying Buffalo Inc (FBI)
Flying Buffalo Inc is a game company (since 1970) specializing in play-by-mail games but also publishing role-playing game books (Tunnels and Trolls, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes, Catalyst generic role playing books: Citybooks and GrimTooth's Traps) and other popular games such as the Nuclear War card game, Lost Worlds booklets.
Galileo Games
Publisher of The Legend of Yore, a roleplaying game based in a fantasy medieval world.
Grey Ghost Press
Company that publishes FUDGE, Gatecrasher, and other great Role-Playing game stuff. Includes other 3rd-party FUDGE game resources such as optional rules, magic systems, characters, monsters or creatures, adventures and campaign backgrounds.
Heliograph, Inc.
Publisher of historically-based science fiction roleplaying games.
Hero Wars - Glorantha
Issaries Inc., founded by Greg Stafford, publishes Hero Wars: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Information on the Hero Wars game, and the mythical world of Glorantha.
Hex Entertainment
Produces the QAGS (Quick Ass Game System) RPG and supplements. Comics, and philosophy.
HinterWelt Enterprises
Publisher of Nebulon, Shades of Earth, and Tales of Gaea. Features additional material, forums, online shop, information about the developers, short story archive, and a character generator.
Holistic Design
Publishers of Fading Suns science-fiction roleplaying game, among others. Site includes forum for discussion of Holistic's games.
Living Room Games
Licensed publishers of Earthdawn RPG.
Moebius Adventures Website
The Moebius Adventures website is the central location for all information related to Moebius Adventures Roleplaying Games.
Mystic Station Designs
RPG publishers designing and distributing Chivalry and Sorcery material, BITS Traveller, role-playing game utilities and medieval games.
Palladium Books
Publishers of Kevin Siembieda's Palladium system role playing games, including Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, Macross II, Nightbane, Ninjas and Superspies, Rifts, Robotech, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness.
Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc.
Pinnacle Entertainment Group publishes Deadlands and Brave New World.
Precis Intermedia
Publisher of downloadable and print roleplaying and tabletop games and accessories. Includes discussion board, publisher's blog and online catalog.
R. Talsorian Games
Developers of anime, Cybergeneration, Cyberpunk 2020, Castle Falkenstein and Mekton Z products. Game news, errata and links.
Open source and open gaming supporting developers of roleplaying games, websites, and software.
Sceaptune Games
Publishing house producing sourcebooks and rulebooks and singleton scenarios. Based in Tidworth, UK.
Sorcerers of the East Coast
FRPG with new and interesting spells, balanced combat, and percentile based skills. Artwork, maps, adventures and campaigns.
Covers BattleLords and BloodDawn.
Steve Jackson Games
Publishes roleplaying and card games, including GURPS, In Nomine, Dino Hunt, Knightmare Chess, Car Wars, Toon, and others. And Pyramid Magazine, which centres on the entire role-playing industry.
Tab Creations
Creators of the Trystell fantasy setting: an easy-to-learn system with free Internet play.
Valiant Games
Publisher of Hidden Legacy. Provides product information and online shopping.
White Wolf Publishing
Publishers of the World of Darkness roleplaying games.
Wingnut Games
Dedicated to Cheap, humorous games - makers of OG, role-playing as cavemen and Battle Cattle.

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