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A tool to analyze the strategy depending on the current card distribution in the shoe.
Professional player Stanford Wong's site, including strategy, and online lessons. Provides a catalog of Pi Yee Press books, message boards, and a newsletter.
Blackjack Age
Articles on game rule, odds, tips, strategies and counting systems. Explains the house edge and debunks common myths.
Blackjack Apprenticeship
Offers card counting training, and community forum run by card counting professionals. Read articles, download strategy charts, and watch videos.
Blackjack Bomb
Focuses on how to become a professional player. Includes articles about cheating, strategy, counting, and pro players.
Blackjack Center
Free guide to playing and winning at blackjack. Learn card counting, basic strategy and betting systems.
Blackjack Doc
Offers free games, tools, a strategy guide and news articles.
Blackjack in Color
Explains how the game, card counting and shuffle tracking works. Includes statistics and 145 charts.
Blackjack Info
Provides free basic strategy charts for any set of rules. Also explains rules of casino blackjack.
Blackjack King
Strategy, rules, payout charts, table layout and related articles.
Blackjack Life
Guide on how to play, game strategies, betting systems and profiles of professional players.
Blackjack Plus
Game rules, variations and books review.
Blackjack Review Network
Message boards, chatrooms, rules and conditions, archives, free links and a full product catalog.
Blackjack Sys
Articles on rule variations, odds, myth and strategies. Includes six blackjack games that visitor can either play for fun or record the scores if sign up an account.
Blackjack The Forum
Forum, news, blogs, expert and beginner chats, and resources related to Blackjack and other beatable games.
Blackjack Tournaments
Articles about rules, odds, tips and strategy of various tournaments.
Providing rules, strategies, downloads, table guide and odds for the game.
Includes game rules, basic strategy, news and profiles of famous blackjack players.
Hit or Stand
Free game offering instruction to improve strategy as you play.
Rec.gambling.blackjack FAQ
Frequently asked questions from the usenet newsgroup.

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