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This category deals with arcade video games, the coin-op machines you can find in video arcades. The machines where you put in a coin to play. The category covers both old and new machines. Both hardware and software. You will both find collectors of vintage machines and the latest new games.

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Database of coin-operated arcade games.
50th State
Distributor of active video arcade machines. Small selection of used equipment for sale.
Ads from the past
A collection of pictures of advertising flyers for old arcade games such as Zaxxon, Frogger and Centipede.
AGH Museum
Atari coin-op museum. Contains ads, data sheets, and cabinet pictures.
Arcade Belgium
Information on arcade games in Belgium. Features news, a location list with search engine, articles and a marketplace.
The Arcade Flyer Archive
An archive for classic arcade and videogame flyers.
Arcade Game Annex
Screenshots, music, switch settings, pinouts, and repair information.
Arcade Games Database
Database covering coin-op video games, includes screenshots and artwork, and hardware specifications.
A coin-operated machine database featuring more than 25,000 machines with pictures and information.
Atari System 1 Page
About the System 1 used in games such as Marble Madness, Roadblasters and Road Runner.
Classic Video Games Nexus
A nearly complete and organized list of links related to classic video games (Atari 2600, and Pac-Man).
Coin King Electronics
Manufacturer of arcade game machines, supplies and other related electronic equipment. Based in Taiwan.
Elite Arcades
Offers arcade games in cocktail cabinets and upright cabinets.
FPGA Arcade
Information about recreating gaming hardware from the past in modern programmable devices, known as FPGAs.
High Scores Arcade
A classic '80s arcade located in the East Bay Area of California.
Makers of R-Type.
JROK's Web Pages
Arcade game web pages, free games, emulators and schematics.
Killer List Of Videogames (KLOV)
A searchable encyclopedia of coin-operated video games containing technical information, descriptions, cabinet pictures and screen shots.
National Coin-Op and Video Game Museum
A detailed article and tour of this lost treasure.
Database of connections, batteries, and DIP switch settings for Arcade PCBs.
Post-Age Collectibles
Variety of collectibles from records to books to pinball parts.
Classic videogame nostalgia.
Sounds from the arcade
For anyone who needs to hear more of the classic arcade machines from the 80's. Includes sounds from Crazy Climber, Ms. Pac Man, Wizard of War, Crystal Castles, Donkey Kong, Gauntlet and Toobin.
Tony's Video Arcade Classics Page
Includes among other things a game photo album.
Video Game [R]evolution, The
Review of the Video Game Museum in St. Louis; in ACM Crossroads, the student magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery.
Williams Documentation
Information on Williams arcade machines. Offers manuals and news.

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