The Apple II was one of the first popular personal computer lines, and was manufactured by Apple Computer, Inc. from 1977 until 1993. Specific models in this family include the Apple ][, ][+, IIe, //c and IIgs. Apple II clones and related systems are also welcome in this category, such as the Laser 128, the Bell & Howell "black Apple II", the various clones named after fruit, and the Apple III (the II's short-lived big brother that sported a II compatibility mode).

Subcategories 4

Listings of Apple II resources on the net, classified ads, and online ordering of certain products.
The "Apple II Information and Pictorial Reference", featuring detailed information and pictures of all kinds of Apple II hardware, including several rare prototypes and do-it-yourself "hacks".
An Apple II web portal with news, reviews, feature articles, software and links, and a telnettable online service with message boards and chats.
Apple I Forum
Information and discussion on the original Apple I computer.
Apple II Forum
Discussion and information exchange.
Apple II History
A history of the Apple II by Steven Weyhrich.
Apple II Programmer's Reference
A listing of Applesoft, Integer BASIC, DOS 3.3 and ProDOS commands with descriptions.
Apple II Web Ring
A web ring geared towards Apple II users. Includes pages for vendors, repairs and emulators.
A monthly magazine published by the Apple PugetSound Program Library Exchange (A.P.P.L.E.) user group. Back issues, group news and a product catalog with software, books and hardware for sale.
Delphi's A2 Forum
The Apple II user's area on the Delphi online service.
Delphi's A2Pro Forum
The Apple II programmer's area on the Delphi online service.
GNO Consortium
GNO is a Unix-like environment for the Apple IIgs.
An Apple IIgs-specific print magazine featuring news, reviews and how-to's.
An annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.
Machine Language For Beginners
Full text of the classic book that teaches 6502 assembly language programming.
A TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIgs.
A German group of developers of Apple IIgs games and demos. Their site features an overview of the Apple IIgs "demo scene".
NuLib Home Page
Source code, binaries and documentation for NuLib, a program to manipulate the NuFX (ShrinkIt) file archives commonly used on the Apple II.
Washington Apple Pi Apple III Resources
Information, FAQs and a bibliography for the Apple III.
Co-founder of Apple Computer and "Father of the Apple II" Steve Wozniak answers questions about the good old days.
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