An editor program allows the user to create and modify simple text files. This is as opposed to a word processor program which usually allows formatting, fonts, italics, and other stylistic devices intended to look better when printed out - an editor is simply designed to edit text. Because of this, editors are often used to write computer programs, configuration files, web pages, and other technical files that are read by other computer programs, not only by people.

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Collaborative platform for research. To write and manage technical documents in one place.
An open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers. Supported by Adobe. Inspecting variables and control flow easy, even in asynchronous code.
Colorforth Editor
A description of the colorforth source editor.
Comparison of Text Editors
A basic feature comparison for several text editors.
Editors Sucks-Rules-O-Meter
Reports which editor is more loved and which is more hated according to the WWW as reported by AltaVista. Devoted to the sacred religious wars on the "your editor sucks, my editor rules" subject traditionally coming up every now and then in news:comp.editors.
EditPad Pro
Notepad replacement for Windows with unlimited file size, and multiple file tabs.
Lugaru Software's EMACS-style programmer's editor for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, DOS and OS/2. [Commercial]
An XEDIT-compatible text editor for Windows 95/98/NT from the Mansfield Software Group. [Commercial]
Light Table
Open source IDE that modify, from running programs to embed websites and games. It provides real time feedback, and aims to assists to answer questions about the code.
Editor of md files, features side-by-side preview and spell checker. Windows.
Text editor for Windows and Plan 9 by Rob Pike. Documentation, ports, links and background information.
SEDIT from Treehouse Software
Emulates the look and feel of mainframe editors like XEDIT and PDF on Unix and Windows. [Commercial]
Softpanorama University Open Source Editors Webliography
Annotated list of editors with special emphasis on Xedit/Kedit/THE family and TCL-based editors.
A Tale of Five Editors
Eric Raymond analyzes the designs and implementations of five Unix text editors.
A wiki devoted to text editors and related topics. Covers all major families of text editors and related topics, from keyboard layouts to tabs vs. spaces.
Support many different languages, syntax highlighting and packages. [Mac].
TmTheme Editor
Visual color-scheme and theme editor for Sublime Text and Textmate.
Editor for text, data, and binary files of up to 2 gigabytes in ASCII, Hex, EBCDIC. [Commercial]
Visual SlickEdit
Programmer's editor for developing and maintaining software. Includes tools to automate the process of comprehending, navigating and analyzing source code. A full functioning 30 day trial version is available. [Windows and UNIX]

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