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Document imaging is the conversion of paper documents into electronic images on your computer. Once on your desktop, these documents can be retrieved effortlessly in seconds. Thousands of organizations around the world use document imaging every day instead of paper filing systems. The reasons for this change are simple: Document Imaging: o Prevents lost records o Saves storage space o Manages records easily With document imaging on your computer: o Documents are found quickly o Images are available to all o File cabinets magically disappear The steps necessary to introduce document imaging are simple: Documents are scanned into the system. The document imaging system stores them somewhere on a hard drive or optical disk. The documents then get indexed. When a person later wants to read a document, they use the retrieval tools available in the document imaging system. Where they can read the documents, and who can read the documents is dependent on the access provided by the document imaging system. Scanning Major advancements in scanning technology make paper document conversion fast, inexpensive, and easy. A good scanner will make putting paper files into the your computer easy. Storage The storage system provides long-term and reliable storage for documents. A good storage system will accommodate changing documents, growing volumes and advancing technology. Indexing The index system creates an organized document filing system and makes future retrieval simple and efficient. A good indexing system will make existing procedures and systems more effective. Retrieval The retrieval system uses information about the documents, including index and text, to find images stored in the system. A good retrieval system will make finding the right documents fast and easy. Access Document viewing should be readily available to those who need it, with the flexibility to control access to system. A good access system will make documents viewable to everyone, whether in the office, at different locations, or over the Internet.

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1 Digital Records Management
Document scanning for conversion to CD-ROM, CD-ROM duplication, video conversion to CD-ROM and microfilm/microfiche services
Advanced Information Technologies
Specialize in imaging, document management systems and customized programming.
Allan Webb Ltd
Document Scanning conversion to any format, document scanning and capture, electronic storage, paper archive, legacy conversion, document to CD conversion, Internet and the production of technical publications. Procurement to UK MOD and engineering industry.
Association for Information and Image Management
Organizations for users and vendors of document imaging, document management and knowledge management solutions. A good information resource.
Document imaging, forms processing, software, hardware, integration.
BMI Imaging
Document imaging and management providing microfilming services, microfilm scanning, and microfilm reader printers.
Business Imaging Systems
Company is dedicated to providing solutions to document management problems, including micrographics, scanners, hardware, software.
Card Scanning Solutions
Offer products to scan, index and store business cards, drivers' licenses, pictures and medical records.
CD-COM Systems Midwest, Inc.
Company is committed to helping organizations solve their information management challenges by eliminate multiple copies of paper and microfiche documents.
Century Document Imaging
Company provides electronic document imaging software and hardware, document scanning services, and microfilming services.
Offers data and document management services including document imaging, scanning, COLD, CD-R, computer output microfilm, data conversion, and Internet repository.
Contact Innovations Inc.
Specializes in image based software development for the financial services industry. They incorporate digital imaging technology to render paper based documents into a digital equivalent.
CVISION Technologies, Inc.
Developer of captured digital media software, providing innovative solutions in document imaging, viewing, compression, transmission, and control.
Data Blocks
OMR scanner products for data capture, sharing, and tracking.
Data Reduction Systems
Offers customers a broadest range of solutions including a wide range of services and systems that include paper scanning and highly specialized micrographic techniques, custom software development and hardware integration.
DjVu Libre
Digital document compression technology developed at AT&T. Features GPL open source libraries for simple compression, decompression, and viewing.
Document Management
Provides products and services for large format scanning and printing. Also the publisher of Document Management Magazine.
Eurofield Information Solutions Pty Ltd
Australia based company offering electronic publishing and distribution software.
Dedicated to provide Document Management solutions that offer an integral design and effective implementation based on state-of-the-art technology.
GET Imaging
Provides document conversion services. Converts paper, microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards into digital images.
Holt Systems
Document imaging systems integration. Imaged bank statements and item processing workflow software and paperless medical facility charting systems.
Image Advantage
Document scanning service specializing in Adobe Acrobat format.
Image-X Enterprises, Inc.
Provides document imaging and document management solutions to major corporations and institutions who need to capture, manage and share multiple data types.
Imagery Concepts, LLC
Home-Organizer turns your PC into a virtual filing cabinet.
Intelligent Capture Ltd.
Delivering enterprise document management systems for clients, while fully integrating with their existing and future IT infrastructures.
Specializing in archiving source documents, first to Microfilm and presently to optical media, primarily CD-ROM. Scanner software, scanners, hardware, Jukebox and RAID storage devices.
Kofax, Inc.
Creates document capture and storage software, developer toolkits and boards for high-speed image scanning.
Metafile Information System, Inc.
C.O.L.D., document imaging, report and image warehousing. MetaViewer provides full-text indexing from many platforms including AS/400, main frames with AFP and DJDE, and Windows.
NewWave Technologies Inc.
Full-service distributor specializing in document imaging and mass storage solutions including; DVD, DVD-R, CD-ROM, CD-R, Tape, RAID and document scanners.
Open Connect (UK) Ltd
Award winning web based electronic filing solution XeraPM solves your paper problems without changing the way you work.
PanOptic Document Imaging System
Provides small to mid-size businesses and departments with document-imaging and workflow capabilities that are easy to use, affordable, scalable and customizable.
Paper Solutions Inc.
Specialists in electronic filing systems for businesses of any size. Office in Westchester, Illinois.
Peerless Systems Corporation
Offers software-based imaging systems for digital media including printers, scanners, IP cores and networking products from El Segundo, California. (Nasdaq: PRLS)
Ronsin Imaging Services, Inc.
A 24-hour full service bureau specializing in the transfer of all microforms and paper to digital media.
Root Technologies
Company providing document conversion, high volume document scanning, data format conversion, and turnkey document archival and delivery systems.
A document imaging service bureau that will scan documents to CD. Suppliers of high speed production scanners and document management software.
Specializing in mid-range scanning, document management and forms processing systems for small to mid-sized businesses.
Scanvue Entry Software
View and print raster images, rename files, sort images while viewing, accept data entry in multiple fields, export entered data in ASCII files from invoices, checks, and large blueprints.
Provides document scanning, optical character recognition and full-text searching.
Snowbound Software
Snowbound Software provides imaging technologies such as SDKs, Java Applets, Annotation/Redlining Components, Imaging Plug-Ins for Internet/Intranet, and image viewers.

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