An icon is a small picture that represents an object or program.

The little images that indicate "My Computer", your "Network Neighborhood", "Recycle Bin Full", "Recycle Bin Empty ", and "My Documents" . When an icon is clicked on, some action is performed such as opening a directory or aborting a file transfer.

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Alien Entity
Offers free downloads of icons for AIM and for the computer desktop, and avatars.
Alternative Icons for KDE
Original icons based around the new KDE icons. They use a limited palette of 34 colors. Distributed under the GNU Library license.
Offers icon design services, for both web and software applications.
Axialis Icons
Free packs of basic, web mini and web 2.0 basic mini icons, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
B-chan's Corner
Anime icons and cursors for Windows XP.
Large selection of icons in .ico and .gif formats, sorted by category.
Delicious icons
Vector icons, offered royalty free, for personal or commercial use, such as platform based applications, cell phones, and websites.
Free icons and free icon sets, as well as free vector graphics. Contains FAQ and blog.
Dutch Icon
Graphic design portfolio, specialized in info graphics and custom pictogram and icon design.
Find icons by keyword, and classify or download in different formats.
FamFamFam Icons
Several large sets of coordinated icons, available for use free of charge under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
Free Icons Download
Offers high quality royalty free icons for Windows, Mac and Linux, in Ico, Gif, Bmp, Png formats.
Available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems. Selection includes monsters, beer and disk jockey Vista themes.
Custom icons, software skins and design. Offers some free icons.
Glyph Lab
Offers stock and custom icons for toolbars and web applications.
Gort's Icons
Icons for the Mac, Windows, Palm, and Amiga, as well as Mac OS X user pictures.
Several colorful sets for Mac and PC.
Icon Design Lab: ArcticLine Software
Offers custom icon design and stock icons.
Icon Designer
Some free ware icons as well as examples of custom work by Sebastiaan de With. Contains an overview of design services that includes interface design, and application and toolbar icons.
Icon Easy
Provides a large selection of free icons in .ico, .png, and .icns formats.
Icon Seeker
An icon search engine to download free icons.
A gallery of Mac and Windows icons.
Large offering of icons for Windows, Mac and Linux, from many authors.
Provides Mac and Windows icons as well as graphic design.
Collections for software developers and user interface designers. Offers a free sample collection and technical information.
The Iconfactory
Icons, wallpaper, and related software for Macintosh and Windows systems. Includes free and commercial products.
A search engine for icons and also offers an illustrated directory.
A collection for Windows, organized in groups. A trial, unregistered version is available.
Icons that can be licensed for use in commercial projects, software applications or websites.
Specializes in stock icons, and toolbar and button images, for the application and web development communities. Offers some free icons including for social bookmarking and Twitter.
Offers custom made icons and logos for websites, applications, and computer games.
Windows Vista icons in many colors and shapes, as well as royalty free icons.
Royalty free, stock icon sets.
Offers a collection of icons covering many themes such as business, holidays and people. Offers secure PayPal ordering.
Download free icons in PNG format. Arranged by categories, that include animals, food and phones.
Free icons and cursors for the Mac and PC, wallpapers and cursors.
Jeff's Icons
Free and fee icons for the PC, including sports, television networks and coins.
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents
Characters and animals for web sites, and for Mac, Windows, or Unix desktops.
Linux Icons
Penguin icons in Windows ico, gif and PNG formats.
LuckyIcon Art
Sets of icons for toolbars and menus including iPhone and Vista styles.
Transparent and animated cat cursors and icons, and how-to instructions for using them.
Personalized icons/avatars drawn from a photo and optimized for the web, email and mobile phones.
New Icons for the Linux OS
Set includes animation windows, status graphics, icons for the BASH terminal, and system console. Open Content in accordance with GNU.
p yusukekamiyamane
Icons licensed under a creative commons attribution license.
Icons for Windows Vista/XP, and web software.
Offers flag icons and illustrations, free for personal use.
Includes professional icons, some free sets and a toolkit.
Titan Icons
Professionally designed royalty free digital icons, logos, web templates, and graphics. Offers visual samples including square, flag and 3D icons.
Top Icons
Some free, some fee icons, for Windows and Mac. Includes cartoons, sports, animals and system.
Custom icons for commercial software manufacturers. Some free samples for Windows Vista.
Westcoast Icons and Design
Design and project management professionals for royalty-free icons. Includes gallery and FAQ.

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