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Software and hardware products and tools that provide security functionality.

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1st Security Software Center
Offer tools for controlling the times that users are permitted to use computer and for customizing various aspects of Windows security. [Windows]
Provides software and hosted services that automate the signing of electronic documents using legally valid electronic (graphical - NOT digital) signatures.
ARC Group of New York
Cyber-security, incident response and forensics services
Proprietary closed-loop security systems.
Bangkok Systems & Software
System and software security. Offices in Thailand and India.
Bardon Data Systems
System Administration and Access Management Tools for Windows. Systems management, access control, PC protection, web browser monitor, security, remote network asset management and troubleshooting.
Beijing Rising International Software Co.,Ltd
Chinese supplier of antivirus, firewall, content management and other network security software and products.
Beyond Trust
Security platform to manage privileged accounts and vulnerabilities.
Secure data storage, network access and e-mail software for wireless handhelds. Securitybuilder developer toolkits for embedding cryptographic functions in new applications and hardware.
Offers steganography, web security and password management tools. Also a collection of security related papers.
Comply Assistant LLC
Database system to help manage compliance with multiple laws. Compliance activities and tasks are assigned to positions on organization charts, while the database takes care of the mesh of rules and regulations.
Links to free software tools for security analysis, content monitoring and content filtering.
CyberSoft Operating Corporation
Company offering computer security software, including Linux virus protection and Windows virus scan products.
Developer of software for disk and file encryption, user authentication and SIM card data management.
A family of products that includes VPN solutions and hardware encryptors. Based in Singapore.
DLA Security Systems, Inc.
Key control software, key records management software, master keying software.
EAZ Solution
Software to restore a PC to a prior system snapshot, for example to reverse an unsuccessful software installation or get ready for the next user in an Internet cafe or school class.
Encrypted file system, email and secure browser software.
eLearning Corner
Flash based, scorm-compatible online computer security awareness courses to improve corporate IT security by modifying employee behaviors.
Eppler Software
BootLocker secures your computer by asking for a password on startup. Features include multiple user support, screensaver activation, system tray support, and logging.
Software to monitor and restrict PC usage, enforce acceptable use policies, teach classes and prevent students changing vital system files.
Develops and markets end-point non-restrictive, configuration management and whitelist based software security solutions.
Forensic Computers
Provides specialized computer systems, security and forensic hardware and software.
Frugal Brothers
Supplier of GFI network security, content security and messaging software, plus email and networking products from Microsoft, eSoft and others.
GFI Software Ltd
Offers network security software including intrusion detection, security scanner, anti virus for Exchange and anti virus for ISA server.
Global Technologies Group Inc.
Manufactures and sells information security, digital publishing and data storage products.
Horizon DataSys Inc.
Software to restore a PC using prior snapshots, block unauthorized programs and other system security and administrative utilities.
Hotfix Reporter
Works with Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (HfNetChk) to scan for security holes, and outputs web pages complete with links to the Microsoft articles and security patches.
Interlink Electronics
Signature recognition device designed to capture and bind handwritten signatures into electronic documents, forms, and transactions.
Offers hardware and software network security products including firewalls, cryptographic softmare, antivirus, and intrusion detection systems.
Lexias Incorporated
Provides next generation solutions in data security and high availability data storage.
Locum Software Services Limited
Security solutions for Unisys MCP/AS systems.
Mission Critical Systems
Providing organizations with the tools, controls and training to secure your infrastructure.
Information security awareness materials for staff, managers and IT professionals covering a fresh topic every month.
NwTech Inc.
Distributor of e-mail security, antivirus, web filtering, virtalization and archival products
An Open Source collaborative project building an information security risk management method, manuals and toolset.
OpenDNS Umbrella
Cloud-based security service using DNS and IP to identify and block malicious software and links
System security administration support software
Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.
Designs and markets secure data diode based cross-domain solutions for cyber–perimeter defense.
Paktronix Systems
Design, supply, and implement secure networks. Provide secure border Firewall systems for connecting networks to the Internet or each other. Offer Network Address Translation (NAT), Virtual Private Networking (VPN), with IPSec, and custom port translation capabilities.
PC Lockdown
Software that allows the remote lockdown of networked workstations. Product features, company information, FAQ and contact details.
Perico AS
Scandinavian supplier of security products including software protection, storage management, secure communications, firewalls and virus protection.
Site providing several pieces of software for protecting computers against internet intruders.
Security software for the IBM AS/400 and iSeries including intrusion detection, user access control, encryption and auditing.
Protegrity Corporation
Software for disk and database encryption, application firewall plus security event auditing and reporting.
Putera Software
Offers network management, anti-virus, IDS, screenlocking and personal firewall applications. Product details and downloads.
Risk Management Studio
Software supporting risk management processes based on the ISO/IEC 27000-series information security management standards.
An open source access control framework for current Linux kernels, with a range of access control models including MAC, RC, ACL.
Safenet Inc
Global company offering information security and data protection through a full spectrum of encryption technologies.
Sandstorm Enterprises
Products include PhoneSweep, a commercial telephone line scanner and NetIntercept, a network analysis tool to reassemble TCP sessions and reconstruct files.
Security Awareness, Inc.
Security awareness products for all types of organizations, including security brochures, custom screensavers, brochures and computer-based training.
Security Engineered Machinery
Shredders for secure document disposal.
Security Mentor, Inc.
Short security awareness lessons delivered through an online learning management system.
SecurityFriday Co. Ltd.
Software to monitor access to Windows file servers, detect promiscuous mode network sniffers and quantify password strength.
Silanis Technology
Electronic and digital signature solution provider includes resources, white papers, product news and related information.
Smart PC Tools
Offers a range of PC software products, most of which relate to security.
URL filtering, control and protection at gateway and user device levels.
Softcat plc (UK)
Supplier of IT solutions, dealing with software, hardware and licensing.
Softnet Security
Software to protect confidential communication and information. Product specifications, screenshots, demo downloads, and contact details.
Towerwall Inc.
Supplies network security and policy management products and services.
Products for information security threat, vulnerability and compliance management.
Visible Statement
Software allowing distribution of security messages across internal networks. Messages are animated and graphical in nature for high visibility.
Wave Systems Corp.
Develops proprietary application specific integrated circuit which meters usage of data, graphics, software, and video and audio sequences which can be digitally transmitted and develops a software version of its application for use over the Internet. (Nasdaq: WAVX).
WhiteCanyon Security Software
Providing software products to securely clean, erase, and wipe electronic data from hard drives and removable media.
Wick Hill Group
Value added distributor specialising in secure infrastructure solutions for ebusiness. Portfolio includes a range of security products from firewalls to SSL VPN, as well as web access and web management products.
Winability Software Corporation
Directory access control and inactivity timeout software for Windows systems.
Software to identify and remove metadata from Microsoft documents, compare document versions, create PDFs and block disclosure of forbidden content.
SIM (Security Information Management) technology provider. Assessing business risks and technology vulnerabilities surrounding IT security products.

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