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Amit's Game Programming Information
Descriptions of algorithms for artificial intelligence, path finding, game design, objects, hexagonal tiles, threads, and text games.
Daneu, Ales
AD Snooker and Briskola games with C++ sources.
A game development site that provides articles, 3D engines database, a wiki, daily news updates, and a discussion forum.
East Coast Games
Dedicated to training new programmers and to making great games, tutorials on C/C++, Java and DirectX, several games written for Windows (Freeware).
Articles, coding techniques, and interviews relating to Game programming.
Gamasutra: Game Developer
Delivers technical, how-to articles, and news.
Game Algorithms
Algorithms, source code and references.
The Game Programming Wiki
Game programming tutorials and source code.
Featuring a huge reference library and weekly interviews of professionals inside the industry. Participate in a public game development project.
Game development discussion forum.
Games Creation Resources
Game creation programs for non-programmers.
Games Research
Materials from, and links to resources related to, the Siggraph 2000 course "Games Research: the Science of Interactive Entertainment"
Games++ Megasite
Game programming, online games, cheats, tutorials, references, Direct X, C/C++, and Java.
An online game development community and resource center, keeping independent and professional developers connected to their peers, the industry and cutting edge information, tools and code.
Gepard Studio
Downloads for game programming, along with some Java, Linux, DOS and Windows games.
A set of computer RPG programming tutorials using C# and Lua. Regular articles on the creation of roleplaying games. Topics including Lua scripting, NPCs, maps.
Paul Hsieh
Source code, tips, and tricks.
PC Game Programming Explorer
Book by Dave Roberts that takes readers inside the world of PC game programming and reveals the essential techniques to make game programming easy and fun.
The Playground Project
Building computer environments for 4-8 year-olds to play, design, and create games. A playground is a place to play with rules not just by them.
Reprints of Works by Diana Gruber
Articles and book chapters by Diana Gruber on the subject of game design and programming.
Rise Game Development Home Page
Tutorials on games and QBasic along with developer tools downloads.
Aimed mainly at the new games programmer. It contains notes and answers to common questions with examples in C++ and DirectX. Resources. T2, a free terrain texture generation tool.
An extensible, distributed system for game development, consisting of an abstract game client, and a game server to which players connect to play games against other players or alone.

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