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Resources about and for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)... companies which provide access to the Internet, via dialup connections, leased lines, etc. NOTE that entries for actual ISPs should be added under the REGIONAL category for the parts of the world they serve (for instance, National ISPs in the U.S.A. would go under Regional/USA). Sites that do not offer Internet access, such as companies that specialize in web hosting and domain name registration, don't belong under here since they have their own Open Directory category elsewhere. If you find another good worldwide list of ISPs, you can add that under Regional. ISP lists that only deal with some portion of the world should be added under the category for the parts of the world they cover. You may want to add "[ISPLIST]" to the beginning of the title of the site, to set it apart from the normal listings.

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Beyond Web Creations, LLC
Offering dial-up services in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany. Based in Twinsburg, Ohio.
United Kingdom based provider offering dial-up service with local access numbers across the globe.
Inter.Net Global
International access provider offering dial-up and DSL services in 12 countries.
Kingsley Technologies
ISP with Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout South Africa. Since 1987.
Nationwide ISP with unlimited dial-up access, web hosting, web design, professional services and Unix shell accounts.
Sina Corp.
Internet media company for Chinese communities worldwide, offering a full array of Chinese-language news, entertainment, financial information, and lifestyle tips (Nasdaq: SINA).
Topix: ISPs
News about the ISP industry, collected from various sources on the web. [RSS]
VIA Net.Works, Inc.
Offers a range of bundled and stand-alone Internet access and value-added products and services in Europe and the United States.

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