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360 Technologies
Buys, sells, rents and repairs new and used/refurbished Hewlett-Packard products.
A-Z Computers
New, used and refurbished PCs, notebooks, monitors, components and peripherals.
Abacus Solutions
Provides new and used AS/400, RS/6000, HP 9000, Sun Micro Systems, and Cisco hardware solutions. Buy, rent, lease, and trade.
Abacus Used Computers
Offers used and refurbished computers, laptops, LCD projectors, monitors, printers, and Macs. Massachusetts.
ABC Resellers
Offers refurbished industrial computers and vintage parts for PC, XT, AT and IBM PS/2.
AC Computers
Specializes in new and used computer hardware. Also services computers and peripherals.
Alimar Technology
Buys and sells HP 9000 equipment. All systems custom built with warranty and eligible for HP maintenance.
Alliance Technology Partners
Specializes in used, refurbished, remanufactured computers, monitors, hard drives, printers and memory.
Allied Computer Brokers
Reseller and recycler of new and used, excess and surplus electronics equipment and computers.
New and used/remanufactured servers, workstations and networking equipment.
Alta Technologies Inc.
Reseller of new and refurbished computer hardware. Plymouth, Minnesota.
Computer, notebook parts and accessories.
Andover Consulting Group, Inc.
Computer liquidator that buys and sells used computer, network and phone equipment.
Refurbished computer products, servers, memory, adapters, monitors, and storage.
Arbico Computers Limited
Offers budget PCs, laptops and components. Profile and catalogue with shopping cart.
Argecy Computer Corporation
New and refurbished commercial laser and impact printers, parts, supplies, and support.
Asset Recovery Specialists
Sells end-of-lease and repossessed computer systems and accessories.
Atlantix Global Systems
Reseller of new and refurbished enterprise and midrange equipment.
Baker Street Resources
Buys and sells used and refurbished computer-related equipment.
Bargain Hardware
UK based suppliers of new, used and refurbished servers, workstations and desktops, peripherals and components.
Bauer Systems Inc.
Source for used and refurbished IBM equipment and systems, also sells used Sun and HP products, located in Canada.
Breakaway Technologies
Quality used notebook computers, Pentium desktop and servers, printers and displays.
International auction house for end users to sell their used IT equipment. Located in Somerset, United Kingdom.
Building Block Computers
Resellers of new and refurbished brand-name networking equipment. Located in Minnesota.
Business Systems Connection Inc.
Sales of wireless, data, components and audio/visual equipment.
Buys, sells, repairs, and upgrades various computer systems, storage, monitors and workstations.
CCL Hardware
Supplies used and refurbished computer equipment, including servers, storage, and parts. Located in the United Kingdom.
Century Computer Sales
Buys and sells personal computers and mainframes.
Complete Computer Solutions, Inc.
Sells new and refurbished desktops, laptops, parts and servers. Specializes in Compaq and Dell. Located in Massachusetts.
Provider of computer evaluation, recycling, and resale services for the owners and sellers of used computers and electronics.
Computer Fusion Inc
Texan company supplying components. Provides a searchable database of the company's stock.
Computer Parts Galore
Offers used computer parts, used accessories and used software.
Computer Remarketing Services Limited
Specializing in the refurbishment and re-sale of ex-lease computer equipment.
Computer Surplus Solutions
New, used, and refurbished computer systems, peripherals and parts. CSS will also buy surplus equipment
Liquidator of used computers, servers, and networking equipment.
Computronics Technology, Inc.
Sells used computer parts and solderless breadboards. Located in Coppell, Texas.
Wholesale computer surplus new, used, excess, and closeouts.
Continental Computers
Supplier of new and used Cisco and surplus network infrastructure equipment.
Corbel Solutions LLC
Seattle-based company offering new and used equipment for sale. Provides product information.
CSI Lifecycle Services
Managing disposal and value recovery of old computers and other IT equipment.
Providers of pre-owned and new-surplus networking equipment and services solutions.
Reseller of new, used and refurbished Sun Microsystems products. Located in Nashua, New Hampshire.
Dell Financial Services
Offers refurbished off-lease Dell computers for sale.
Buys and sells new used and refurbished equipment from Sun, Cisco and Compaq.
Discount Computer Peripherals, Inc.
Refurbished name brands, networking equipment and disk drives.
E.L.I. Group
Offers sales, rentals, and service of used computer hardware and peripherals. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Offers new and pre-owned of hardware products from a variety of manufacturers including IBM, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, and HP.
Electronics Management International
Supplies new and used equipment for home or office use. Located in Massachusetts.
Equal To New Parts Inc.
Selling mainframe and midrange refurbish equipment.
Equip Systems
Suppliers of computer hardware for Dec and Compaq, Sun, Cisco and SGI.
Reseller of used computer hardware.
Online store for clearance, surplus and refurbished computer products.
Export Computer Exchange
Exports used American computers, monitors, and notebooks in large volume to overseas clients. Located in Cedar City, Utah.
Express Computer Systems
Provides refurbished Sun Microsystems, used Cisco, IBM xseries and pseries servers, HP 9000 servers, and NetApp hardware. Offers short term rentals and leases as well.
Focus Technology
Buy and sell used servers, networking and storage hardware. Online purchasing and a quotation form for parts orders.
Frontier Computer Corp
Michigan, USA company buying, refurbishing and selling parts and complete systems. Provides company details, stock inventory and selling information.
Futuretech Inc
New and brand name factory refurbished monitors Dell, Compaq, HP, NEC, Sony, and wholesale.
G-2 Systems Home Page
Independent reseller of refurbished Sun Microsystems hardware.
GAO Systems
Provides used, refurbished parts, printers, monitors and networking equipment for IBM as well as other brands of PC equipment.
Genisys Corporation
Reseller of used hardware. Located in Seattle, Washington.
Georgia Computer Incorporated
New and refurbished mainframe and networking hardware. Authorized IBM reseller.
Greentech International Corporation
Sell second hand computer systems, monitors and peripherals.
Supplier of new and refurbished networking hardware and approved and compatible network accessories. Located in the United Kingdom.
Hi-Tech Components
Seller of hard drives and refurbished components.
Hula Networks, Inc.
Buys, sells, and trades used Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, and Foundry networking equipment.
Used laptops with weekly specials.
Information Data Products Corp.
Reseller of new and used Cisco and other networking equipment, also specialize in xDSL CPE equipment.
Innovative Peripheral Systems, Inc.
Specializes in surplus and refurbished computer hardware systems, components, and peripherals. Located in Walworth, New York.
Innovative Research Technologies
Buy and sell new and used VME boards and systems. Also sells ESD or anti-static bags and shipping boxes.
International Computer Purchasing
Buyer and sales of new and used Cisco, Sun, Compaq and DEC.
Hardware for VMS, Tru64 and Linux.
IT Clear
Offering second user and new hardware, monitors, systems, and servers.
IT Lifecycle Services
Sells refurbished a-branded PCs, servers, laptops and laser printers.
IT Parts Depot
American reseller of new and refurbished components, systems and peripherals. Provides online shopping.
Specialises in Sun products ranging from monitor adapters to enterprise servers.
JE Components, Inc.
Reseller of new and used PC, telecom, and network hardware. Located in Inglewood, California.
Jeff Computers
Sells used laptops and peripherals.
Joy Systems
Refurbished monitor manufacturer in New Jersey.
Keane Machines Inc.
Buys and sells used computer parts.
Kell Technologies
Used equipment sales.
Laptop Outlet
Source for used and refurbished laptops.
Laptops and notebooks computers of all makes and models available for sale.
Liquidation Station
Used Mac and PC desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers, and scanners.
M I Computers
Offers new and used computers, upgrades, and repairs. Located in Kent, United Kingdom.
Market Network Solutions
Based in Texas, offering refurbished Cisco products such as switches, network equipment and routers.
Marshall Resources, Inc.
Offers Tandem hardware and components for sale, lease or rental. Located in Durham, North Carolina.
Micro Technologies International
Refurbished terminals and printers.
Midland Information Systems
Provides new and refurbished IBM, Lucent Technology, AS/400 and RS/6000 systems.
Midwest Technical
Repairs and configures, sells and buys remanufactured and re-warranty backup storage devices, libraries and magnetic tape drives from most major brands.
Minnesota Computers Corporation
Reseller of new and refurbished computer hardware. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Mr. Notebook
Retailer of used and refurbished notebooks in the central Texas area.
National Value Computer, Inc.
Sells, buys, refurbs leases pre-owned or used name brand workstations, and servers.
Network Design Services
Sells new and refurbished switches and routers. Based in Texas.
Network Orbitz
Offers an inventory of network equipment from brands such as Cisco, Juniper, Dell and Extreme. Located in Houston, Texas.
Network Systems Resellers
Specializes in refurbished midrange servers, storage solutions, and networking equipment. Located in Littleton, Colorado.
North Coast Computer Project
Microsoft authorised refurbisher and suppliers of recycled computers. Based in Australia.
Northern Realisations
Offering refurbished IT equipment for schools and government agencies. Located in Bolton, Lancashire, UK.
Buys, sells, and rents used and refurbished IBM RS/6000 and pSeries computer hardware.
On Queue Computer
Reseller of used enterprise Unix servers. Located in Newburyport, Massachusetts.
Online Data Solutions, Inc.
Provides used storage and networking equipment locally, nationally, and internationally to dealers, brokers, lease and service companies, and end-users.
Partners Remarketing Inc.
Specializing in the sale of Tandem mainframe computers and other residual computer equipment.
Laptop and PC computer parts, excess inventory, and liquidation items.
PC Solutions
Used, refurbished and new computer monitors.
Dealer of second hand computer equipment.
Laptop and notebook spare parts store.
Wide range of refurbished computers, located in the UK.
Penn Computer Corporation
Offers refurbished and certified pre-owned servers, workstations, and networking equipment. Based in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.
Peripheral Parts Support, Inc.
Supplier of spare parts and peripherals supporting PCs, minicomputers, networking products and high-end workstations from a wide range of manufacturers.
Powersource Online
Worldwide wholesale trading exchange for new and used IT equipment.
Second hand, used, refurbished computers. Sells systems and components.
Regal Technology Partners, Inc.
Buys, sells, repairs and provides maintenance on used Stratus computer systems, hardware, equipment and peripherals.
Renew Computers Inc
State of California approved computer recycling center which offers business and residential users access to used and refurbished computer equipment.
Reseller of refurbished IBM pSeries servers and components. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Sabcal LLC
Wholesaler and exporter of computer products, new, used, refurbished, surplus, overstock and liquidation.
Sapia Networks
Buy, sell, or trade used, pre-owned, or refurbished networking hardware equipment from Cisco, Juniper, Foundry and other major brands.
Scale Datacom
Reseller and integrator of data storage solutions and networking hardware. Located in Londonderry, New Hampshire.
Second Chance PC Ltd.
Sellers of new and refurbished computers and equipment, dealing in both PCs and Macs.
Specializes in business-class, transaction document printing solutions.
Skyex Laptop Store
Sells used laptops and notebooks. Florida.
Skyline Engineering, Inc.
Obsolete and hard to find parts, maintaining support for non-warranty Gateway machines including all 486's and older Pentium systems.
Solar Systems and Peripherals
An inventory of previously owned Sun hardware, tested and fully warranted.
Global source for new and refurbished servers, storage and networking hardware. Located in Anaheim, California.
Internet liquidator of computer related products.
Sunnking Electronics Recycling
Provides used and refurbished computers, equipment, and accessories.
Sunstar Company
Reseller of used tape and disk drives and peripherals.
System Resale Solutions IV Ltd.
Used networking and ISP hardware.
T3 Systems, Inc.
Reseller of new, used, and refurbished network hardware and servers from Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, and Sun. Located in Sacramento, California.
Tangent Communications, Inc.
Reseller of used and new Cisco routers, switches, cables and memory and are fully warranted.
Townsend Assets Group
Reseller of used networking hardware.
Marketplace for resellers, dealers, and brokers to buy and sell bulk, used, and wholesale computers and computer parts.
Twin Cities Digital
Buys and sells used Cisco, Compaq, HP, IBM, and Sun equipment.
Selling used brand name notebook computers.
Used Computer Shop
Source for used computers and used notebooks. Check out our latest specials on our used notebooks. Used notebooks, and used powerbooks.
Used Monitor Shop
Offers used monitors and computers with large selection.
Used PC Warehouse
Canadian company selling refurbished desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and peripherals.
Reseller of brand name used and refurbished laptop and notebook computers.
VARx Incorporated
Sells refurbished DEC printers, monitors, disks, tapes and VAX or ALPHA systems.
Vertical Enterprise Equipment
Sells refurbished servers, storage and peripherals.
Vibrant Technologies Inc.
Reseller of new and used Sun Microsystems, IBM RS6000, iSeries, HP 9000 and Compaq midrange servers.
Vision Point of Sale
Sells used and refurbished point of sale hardware. Includes products, services, and refurbishment process information. Located in Glenview, Illinois.
Voyage Technologies, Inc.
Reseller of used IBM pSeries servers, workstations, peripherals, and parts. Located in Burnsville, Minnesota.
Westworld Computers
Stocks used and refurbished laptop and notebook computers. also supplies laptop parts.
Surplus liquidation, wholesale, and export of computer equipment, parts, and accessories.
Used laptop and notebook computers, parts, and accessories from major brand names.
Word Pro Systems
Specializing in refurbished computers, repairs and upgrades and new computer systems.
World Data Products
Provider of used and refurbished midrange server, storage, and networking equipment. Includes product descriptions, repair process information, and maintenance services. Located in Minnetonka, Minnesota.
WR Consultants Associates Inc.
Refurbished network hardware from Cisco Livingston, Ascend, USR and 3Com.

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