Computers Hacking Cryptography
Cryptography is the art of creating and using cryptosystems. Cryptosystems are methods of rendering messages such that only a select group of people may read them in the original form. This category contains sites related to cryptography, as well as cryptanalysis (the art of breaking cryptosystems).

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Snake Oil FAQ
Guide to evaluating the quality and fitness for purpose of cryptography tools.
Adam Back's Homepage: Cypherspace
Find information on some cryptanalytic hacks, breaking weak cryptosystems and links to more cryptography related websites.
Choosing a Good Password
Tips on choosing a difficult to crack password and pitfalls in password selection.
Crypto Machines
Features machines and systems used in secure communications. Includes brief history on cryptography.
Free monthly email newsletter covering developments in cryptography and other computer security issues.
A Cryptographic Compendium
Outline of the various types of cipher systems that have been used historically and the relationships between them.
Cryptography FAQ
Ten part FAQ list that is essential reading for any newcomer to cryptography.
Cryptography World
Introduction to cryptography, including concepts, key management and application.
Articles describing the first crack of a DES-encrypted message, with some source code and mailing list archives.
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Reference work available for free download (with restrictions) from the Web.
International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
Non-profit scientific organisation intended to further research in cryptology.
International Cryptography Freedom
Links to cryptography related downloads and information from around the world.
The Munitions Maker Graphic
Campaign to distribute image (rsa2d.gif) in protest of ITAR regulations that treat encryption as munitions.
An Overview of Cryptography by Gary C. Kessler
Defines cryptographic terms and concepts, offers crypto scheme comparison, and provides some real world examples.
Randomness and the Netscape Browser
Article about cracking the original Netscape encryption algorithm, and links to resources for generating crypto strength randomness.
RSA - Hacking and Cracking
Discusses security problems and possible attacks against the RSA cryptosystem.
Standard Cryptographic Algorithm Naming
Provides references for a collection of cryptographic algorithms, assigning each an ASCII name and zero or more aliases.
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