Also known as chatbots, these are computer programs, web-based or not, with which one can hold a conversation. Some simulate artificial intelligence and many are humorous in nature.

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Ai Research
Focuses on creating genuine Artificial Intelligence - the technology that enables machines to converse with humans in natural language. Based on a groundbreaking approach, Ai's technology will pass the Turing Test for machine intelligence by 2011.
Ai Dreams
AI Dreams - A place to talk about artificial intelligence, technology, robotics, films, graphics
Alan Turing Year - 2012 Turing Centenary
A Centenary Celebration of the Life and Work of AI Genius Alan Turing.
Hobby project written in Visual Basic 6.0 by M.F. Wahid. ALIM, in Classical Arabic, means the one who has knowledge. ALIMbot is an Artificially Intelligent chatbot that tries to effectively react to the user input.
Artificial Intelligent Robots
The home of the chatterbot Talk-Bot, which uses smiley faces to express emotions and small icons to enhance the conversation.
The Billy Project
Chat bot Billy, available for download.
Chat Web Bot
Web Chat-Bot: Speaks English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch and was awarded Chatterbox Challenge 2004 Bronze Medal for Best Learning Bot category.
Chatbot Suzette
Suzette - Loenber Prize Winner 2010
Portal for research institutes, companies and chatterbot developers, with forum.
ChatScript - Next generation of the chatbot engine that won the 2010 Loebner Prize
Chatterbots: Crash Test Dummies of Communication
This is a research about chatterbots and CMC.
Chompy Home Page
Chompy is a freeware natural language parser written in Java. There are two main aims to the Chompy project: to provide an educational program to demonstrate the basics of Chomsky's structuralist grammar, and to develop a natural language parser class for Java.
Colorful Personalities
Dialogues with colorful personalities of early AI.
Create your own free chatbot
Tool to make your own chatbot within minutes, also for IM and Facebook
Dr. Werner Wilhelm Webowitz: Web Quack Psychiatwist
A web-based version of Eliza. Meant to imitate a conversation with a psychiatrist.
EBBA: Emotion Based Brain Android
EBBA is an open-source project aiming to develop an advanced chatbot by combining AIML, 3d facial expressions, speech synthesizer and iq-test solving functionality.
A description of how to build an intelligent chatterbot (based on an AI PhD thesis and an IRC chatterbot).
A Javascript implementation of Joseph Weizenbaum's Eliza by Arne Solli.
Site for this chatbot, almost always active on AIM. Includes sample conversations and frequently asked questions.
Gnod: The Global Network Of Dreams
A self-adapting system which searches the web on the basis of user input. "A search-engine for things you don't know about."
Create your chatbot with avatar in two minutes
Jack the Ripper Bot
Peer into the mind of the serial killer.
Loebner Prize
"The First Turing Test". Organized since 1991
Madam Zena
First Place Winner of 2004 Chatterbox Challenge "most popular" medal! Just ask me a few questions, or chat for fun. I have the gift to see the future.
MeBot Project
A 'welcome bot' experiment set up in the first person to represent the author, MrHolden.
"Nearly Intelligent Computer Operated Language Examiner" - NICOLE is a theory or experiment that if a computer is given enough combinations of how words, phrases and sentences are related to one another, it could talk back to you.
A seasoned humorous greeter and site Admin. Auto-responses, humor and key word laughter and site resources.
Build and host your very own chatbot. Include speech and images. Connect it to instant messaging services, multiplayer games and become part of a growing ecosystem of virtual personalities.
The home of a downloadable, teachable chatbot.
The Personality Forge
Chat with a community of Artificial Intelligence Personalities, then create your own AI Personalities and watch them chat with real people. Bots will remember you.
The Simon Laven Page
Contains various chatterbots, chatrooms, news and papers.
Artificial intelligence robot chats with you in a human voice.
Virtual Humans Forum
Forum created by Vittorio Rossi after publication of the book Virtual Humans (2003)
Virtual Personalities
Verbots help real humans deal more comfortably and effectively with their increasingly complex world.
Virtual Woman by CyberPunk Software
Beta test the shareware Virtual Woman game. Color graphics and music.
Chatterbot software gives computers a personality. UltraHal is available as a PC assistant (Windows shareware), a web-based demonstration conversation application and an AI bot for websites.
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