Computers Algorithms
A prescribed finite set of well defined rules or processes for the solutions of a problem in a finite number of steps. Explained in simple English, it is the mathematical formula for an operation, such as computing the check digits on packets of data that travel via packet switched networks.

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Abstract State Machines
A formal method for specifying and verifying algorithms. Tools, meetings, researchers in the area.
Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory, the ACM special interest group for Theoretical Computer Science. Site has membership information, meetings, reports and a newsletter for members.
Algorithm Design Paradigms
A course by Paul Dunne at the University of Liverpool. Slides and notes in HTML and PS.
Algorithms Archive
A collection including searching, sorting, tracking, mathematics and cellular automata. In English and Italian.
Algorithms Courses
Links to courses in algorithms maintained at various university computer science departments.
Algorithms in the Real World
Notes for a course at Carnegie Mellon University.
Analysis Of Algorithms
An initiative of attendees of the 1997 Dagstuhl seminar, these pages provide research papers, a bulletin board, and links to researchers and other resources in the field. The focus is on average case and probabilistic analysis.
Combinatorial Algorithms
Course material, syllabus and notes for a course by Roger Whitney at SDSU.
Combinatorial Algorithms
Lecture notes of a course at San Diego State University.
Computer Programming Algorithms Directory
Resources that describe computer programming algorithms.
Data Structures
Lecture notes by Steven Skiena.
Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
Lecture notes; applets and code in C, C++, and Java; links regarding books, journals, computability, quantum computing, societies and organizations.
Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Problems
A dictionary of algorithms, algorithmic techniques, data structures, and archetypical problems, with related definitions. Many entries have links to implementations, tutorials, and bibliographical references.
On the Road to Algorithms
Information on algorithms such as Bubble Sort and Random Number Generation, using HTML, Java and Perl. Collected by Lam Ka Chun (Raymond).
OOPWeb Algorithms Directory
Algorithms lecture notes, courses, tutorials, references, guides and online books.
Pattern Matching Pointers
A collection of links for and to researchers in the subject.
Priority Queues
Electronic bibliography on priority queues (heaps). Links to downloadable reports, researchers' home pages, and software.
Problems in Analysis of Algorithms
A list of open problems with updates and solutions.
Resources for the Analysis of Algorithms
Links to papers, conferences and other sites, maintained by Helmut Prodinger.
Softpanorama Algorithms and Data Structures
A compilation of links and background information.
Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
This is a collection of implementations for 75 fundamental algorithms problems, including data structures, numerical and combinatorial algorithms, graph algorithms, and computational geometry. Implementations are available in C++, Java, Fortran, and other languages.
Tree Automata Techniques and Applications
An evolving web text in PostScript and PDF, with related software.
Web Data Structures and Algorithms
Lecture notes and links for a course by Godfried Toussaint.

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