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21st Century Designer Health Products
Supplier of growth hormone ingredients, homeopathic HGH.
Airheads Oxygen Bars, Inc.
Manufacturer of oxygen and aromatherapy systems for sale or rent, with custom designed equipment for home and commercial use.
Aura Photo
Aura imaging equipment, supplies, and software.
Aura and chakra imaging systems, Kirlian photography, and biofeedback devices.
Manufacturers of biofeedback equipment and brainwave modulators.
Wholesaler for anti-aging products.
Cara Professional
Distributor of case study and tracking software programs for homeopathic practitioners.
Denas MS
Russian manufacturer of dynamic electric stimulation equipment for relaxation and muscle re-training.
Dotolo Research
Manufactures colon hydrotherapy equipment and supplies.
Enaly Trade Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of ozone generators and ionic air purifiers.
Enzymatic Therapy
Manufacturer of natural and alternative medicines and therapies. Includes product descriptions and abstracts.
GeneScience Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Manufacturer of injectable human growth hormone.
Harmony Cone
Handmade ear candles from food grade or bees wax.
Manufacturers of homeopathic remedies.
High Tech Health, Inc
Manufactures water ionizers and infra-red saunas, with product details and company philosophy. Boulder, Colorado, USA.
Inneractive Enterprises, Inc.
Suppliers of an interactive multimedia biofeedback computer system, with a presentation and pricing details. Venice, California, USA.
Professional resource for learning Iridology offers courses, diagnosis tools, charts, and software.
Kama Ayurveda
Pure ayurvedic skin and hair care oils, creams, and soaps.
La Belle, Inc.
Colostrum supplements, beverages and cosmetics.
Lhasa OMS, Inc.
Providing acupuncture supplies including needles, magnets, and homeopathy supplies, with FAQ, catalog and ordering details.
Medical Marijuana Caregivers
Information from different states allowing growing and dispensing medical marijuana. Forum for caregivers and patients and current news.
Naturo Pharm
Homoeopathic remedies from New Zealand.
Oxygen Experience
Highlighting oxygen bar business concepts, equipment, and products available through a licensing program.
Parul HomoeoLaboratories Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturing and marketing ethical homeopathic formulations in Kanpur uttar Pradesh India.
Prescriptive Music
Manufacturer of healing music CDs used as a meditation for wellness. Includes technical and study data.
Manufacturer of a product containing herbs and laxatives. Includes products, content, and insight on colon cleansing and digestive wellness.
Thought Technology, Ltd.
Biofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Products, applications, and training information.
Wally's Ear Candles and Supplies
All about ear candles, ear candling and ear cones, showing all the varieties that Wally's produces, in beeswax and paraffin, with herbs or plain.
World Health Products, Inc.
Manufactures a chelation detoxification product for heavy metal poisoning.

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