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Alabama Propane Gas Association (APGA)
Serves dealers and consumers by promoting the growth of the propane gas industry and the many benefits of propane as a superior energy source.
Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd.
Non-profit sulfur research organization and fosters research in the areas of the chemistry and technology of sulfur and its compounds with particular emphasis on topics of importance to the sulfur and sour gas industry.
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
Group that promotes improved technology research for the coal-based power plant industry to reduce its emissions.
The American Gas Association
AGA advocates the interests of its natural gas utility members and their customers, and provides information and services promoting operational excellence in the safe, reliable and cost-competitive delivery of natural gas.
Canadian Association for Renewable Energies
Newsletter on renewable energy around the world.
Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation
Trade and services association for the Caribbean power industry. Provides training, services and networking to its members and associates.
Edison Electric Institute
Association of U.S. shareholder-owned electric companies, international affiliates and industry associates worldwide.
Energy Cluster
Association of forty-eight companies of the Basque Country in the energy sector.
Energy Ireland
Focus association and Yearbook publishers for the Irish energy sector.
Energy Theft Report Form
This on-line form can be used to report Energy Theft occurring anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world.
International Energy Agency
Autonomous agency linked with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). With information and statistics in relation to international energy.
An internet resource for utility revenue protection professionals around the world.
New Jersey Propane Gas Association
Mission is to educate the public, the media, the industry and legislative and government officials as to the safety and efficiency of propane and related products.
Ohio Municipal Electric Association
Serves as the legislative liaison to the states 85 community owned and operated electric utilities. Includes consumer education, restructuring, employment and financial details .
United States Association of Energy Economics
Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and issues among professionals interested in energy economics. Includes membership details and energy resources .
United States Energy Association
The USEA is the U.S. Member Committee to the World Energy Council (WEC). USEA manages "Our Nation's Energy Partnership Program" that partners utilities in the U.S. and those in developing countries.
VGB PowerTech
Association of power and heat generating utilities. Aims at enhancing economically and ecologically power plant erection and operation.
Virginia Propane Gas Association
Non-profit organization to promote the safe use and handling of propane and propane related products in the state of Virginia.
Virginia, Maryland and Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives
A trade association serving 14 member electric cooperatives in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.
Water Quality Association
WQA is an international trade association representing the household, commercial and industrial water quality improvement industry.

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