Street Art is any art developed in public spaces — that is, "in the streets" — though the term usually refers to art of an illicit nature (as opposed to, for instance, government or community art initiatives). The term can include traditional graffiti artwork, though it is often used to distinguish modern public-space artwork from traditional graffiti and the overtones of gang territoriality and vandalism associated with it.

Whereas traditional graffiti artists have primarily used free-hand aerosol paints to produce their works, "street art" encompasses many other media and techniques such as wheatpasting, stickers, stencil graffiti, mosaic tiling, video projection and 3D sculpture. For these reasons street art is sometimes considered "post-graffiti". The term is also occasionally used to refer to guerrilla art. Street art can be found around the world and street artists often travel to other countries foreign to them so they can spread their designs. [From Wikipedia]

Subcategories 2

3D Street Painting
3D street painting illusions done in chalk by Madonnaro Manfred Stader.
Acid Midget
A street art blog based in Sydney which covers subversive and socially conscious works.
This British street artist with an international reputation shows and explains some of his best work.
Banksy - Don't Believe the Hype
A subversive take on Banksy graffiti. Includes art giveaways, prints and canvases and information on The Ephemeral One Project.
Barcelona Street Art
Collection of street art photos with many works by Justin Case, an urban decorator living in Barcelona.
Street art sculptures, graffiti, and other artworks by Byeeee.
Fake Stencils
Works by Fake, an Amsterdam based street artist.
Heidelberg Project
Outdoor art project on Heidelberg Street, Detroit, partially destroyed by the city, documented by HBO and restored in 1999.
Hey Artist
This is a movement starting in the Philippines that will bring art into the streets. We will make more enlightened artists who will recreate the world.
Invisible made Visible - Urban Street Art
Image collection of urban street art photographed in and around east London.
Official website of graffiti artist KOES from Bassano del Grappa/Venice, Italy.
Lazerides Gallery
With locations in London and Newcastle, UK, the gallery represent many prominent street artists.
Let There Be Color!
Street art and graffiti from Prague and other cities.
Mind Hacks
Optical street art of Julian Beever.
The Morning News - Paper Faces, Paper Cities
Pitchaya Sudbanthad talks to the street artist known as Swoon. Includes a gallery of her work.
The Morning News - Roundtable: Street Art
Pitchaya Sudbanthad discusses some of the legends of the scene and talks about the history of street art, and where it’s headed next.
The Muralist Group
Gallery of murals by The Muralist Group, a group of changing artists that paint murals on a building on the west side of Salt Lake City, Utah.
Murals of Baltimore
Murals and public art by artists from a studio based in Baltimore, USA.
Outdoor - The Art of Goin
Works by artist Goin.
Public Art Directory
Photographs and information about installations and exhibitions in public spaces around the world.
Works by Peter Gibson, aka roadsworth, a street artist from Montreal, Canada.
A tiny street art project (started in 2006) from London, UK.
Street Art Locator
A community Google map mashup, mapping street art around the world.
Street Art London
Street art news, artist interviews, and photos from the London street art scene.
Street Art News
StreetArtNews is a daily source for the ever evolving street art culture.
Street art NYC
Documenting street art in New York City, on buildings, sidewalks, in subways, using spray paint, 3D, wheat paste, etc.
A collaborative weblog for photos of DIY posters, guerrilla stickers and home-made stencils.
Image gallery of street art.
Urban Artcore
A Berlin-based weblog about urban art, graffiti, street art and urban exploring.
Virtual Street Reality
Images of works by the English artist Julian Beever known for his art on the pavements of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium.
Wikipedia - Street Art
Provides a general description of the art form and a listing of artists.
WINDBIEL street art blog
Gallery based in Karlsruhe, Germany, with artworks from all over the world and information about the street artists.
Wooster Collective
A Celebration of street art, stickers, posters, graffiti and culture jamming.

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