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A music weblog (blog) is run by an individual (or a small group of individuals) and covers topical issues in and around music. Weblogs are updated regularly and disseminate both fact and opinion online. Weblogs are not constrained to a particular musical style or focus but offer simply writers' opinions on musical activities in a timely fashion.

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Awesome Tapes From Africa
Free MP3s for download from around the continent.
Black Sweater, White Cat
Companion weblog for radio show of same name. Contains information on advances in music technology and music reviews.
Born by the River
A weblog discussing indie music and includes audio samples.
Boston Globe: Sound Effects
Weblog kept at the Boston Globe covering music news, concert reviews and other ventures in popular music.
Bridging the Atlantic
Indie music weblog with contributors based in Canada and the UK. Includes samples, playlists, and videos of new bands.
BryanStars Interviews
Exclusive interviews, acoustic performances, music news.
Chris Picks
Entries and recommendations focusing primarily on rhythm and blues and hip-hop.
Classical Convert
A beginners guide to classical music, blogged by someone who switched at age 23.
Clicky Clicky
Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers reviews, news and album reviews.
CMT Edge
News and commentary about country music by musicians and journalists. Maintained by Country Music Television.
The Collaborative Piano Blog
Lists resources for the collaborative piano field as well as musical activities by Royal Conservatory of Music faculty member Christopher Foley.
Country Radio Classics
Covers traditional and classic country western music and artists.
Crud Crud
Scott Soriano visits various record stores searching for interesting for unusual material on LP. The entries detail the music from the album as well as brief backgrounds on the often-obscure artists.
Site offers free downloads of live studio recordings of many up-and-coming indie artists/bands. Bands stop into the Futureappletree Studio in Rock Island, IL to record four of their favorite songs. We publish a couple of sessions every week.
The Devil Has The Best Tuna
Interesting pop and rock groups, new and old, that have not yet hit the radar of the music papers, magazines or the British public.
Based out of Sweden, the weblog receives music from DJs around the world and posts reviews and recommendations from those songs. The entries are based mostly around indie electronic music with journeys into the mainstream.
Fan Of The Band
Music news weblog posts are mostly about bands, with a section on American Idol.
For the Love of Polyphony
Covers grunge, rock and indie music. Features album reviews as well.
From the Front of the Choir
Thoughts and views from a freelance community choir leader in the UK updated every Sunday.
Features news about German bands, album releases, tour dates, and other related information.
A guide to urban style, music, and events, featuring men's and women's fashion guides, and artist pages.
Beginning guitar courses, guitar resources and regular updates on all aspects of guitar performance. Written in Singapore.
Local gulf coast bands networking site with local and national music news.
Headphone Sex
British MP3 weblog features weekly music contests, reviews, cover art, recommendations and links to other music blogs.
Hear Ya
Indie music weblog offering song reviews, audio files and label coverage.
Hip-Hop Fanatic
Weblog about the hip hop culture and rappers, and DJs. Also includes reviews and new releases.
Hollow Tree
Blogging on experimental music; accepts user submissions both online and via postal mail.
I Am Sitting In A Room
Entries on (mostly) classical music kept by a Ph.D student at the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music.
Indie Rock Cafe
Get daily music and reviews of indie and alternative rock, pop, folk and electronic artists and bands, new albums releases and festival coverage.
Jazz and Blues Music Reviews
A completely subjective weblog of music reviews covering mostly jazz and blues but branching out into other genres as well.
Killed By Death Records
Kept in Sweden, entries cover American and European punk music with candid album reviews, track listings, cover art and MP3 files.
Largehearted Boy
Keeps track of new releases in music and books with new mp3s every day.
Live Music Blog
An online publication covering live music, jambands, indie bands, concert reviews, CD reviews, DVD reviews, tour dates, news, and music downloads.
The Lonely Note
Music reviews and news by contributors with an eclectic appetite for all things rock and pop.
Long Live Emo Rap
Weblog covering electoral politics from a hip-hop perspective. Site also includes videos, clips and links.
Mr Mass
Offers audio samples, mixes, playlists, concert reviews, and events for the DJ audience.
Music for Robots
Features testimonials about unsigned and independent bands. Weblog includes a compilation CD which showcases selected artists.
Musical Assumptions
Kept by composer and violist Elaine Fine the weblog is focused around classical and jazz music. Features include musical lineage, rare instrument descriptions, and occasionally cooking.
Night After Night
Conspicuous consumption of music, live and otherwise, in New York City.
No Rock And Roll Fun
Popular music weblog offers commentary on current music news, upcoming major concerts and a list of sites offering MP3s for downloading. Entries date back to 2001.
Double reed weblog kept by professional oboist and educator Patricia Emerson Mitchell. Entries discuss repertoire, concerts and job openings in the oboe community.
Obscure Sound
Indie music weblog offering reviews, news and streaming audio of bands primarily in the US and UK.
Music editorial weblog. Music topics are discussed regardless of genre. Questions and comments are accepted and answered.
Piano Street
Classical piano blog with interesting video picks, piano sheet music and piano related news and articles.
Punk Rockers Unite
Directory-style weblog covering over 130 bands in many styles but focusing heavily on punk music.
Real Cool Time
Dio Bach selects music, videos and mp3s. Site also has album reviews and newsletter.
Covers classic rock news and gossip. Site also includes classic rock search and links section.
The Rest Is Noise
Articles and weblog kept by New Yorker music critic Alex Ross.
ROCK n POP cast
Mp3 weblog with streaming playlists for each entry.
A weblog kept for the contemporary classical music community. Geared mostly towards composers, the site features a forum, listening room and CD reviews of classical music.
Coverage of the San Francisco dance music and gay club scenes. Including event and bar reviews, event listings, local artist downloads and occasional essays.
Soho the Dog
Boston music weblog kept by composer, pianist and conductor Matthew Guerrieri.
Songs of Jo
Kept in Indonesia, the site offers reviews of popular Indonesian music with accompanying streaming audio files.
The Soul of Rock and Roll
Promotes and discusses music I like with the focus being on rock n' roll, blues, folk, and classic rock. Promotes unknown artists to help them gain some recognition for their music.
Mp3s, music videos, concert reviews, tour dates and contests. Updated regularly.
Tikun Olam
Mp3 weblog devoted to world music specifically focusing on Jewish and folk music.
Rap/Urban news, album reviews with editorials and commentary.
ZMEmusic offers mainstream news, reviews, and videos. Covers primarily pop and rock music. Also contains cover art.

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