For sites dedicated primarily to instruments of the mandolin family. Subjects include musical range and tone, technical specifications, history, and instrument making, manufacture and repair.

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Bluegrass Mandolin
Learn to play bluegrass mandolin with Tab, pictures, FAQ, and links.
Building a Mandolin
Provides step-by-step instructions for a flat top acoustic mandolin project. Download plans.
Cittern Bouzouki Octave Mandolin
Comparison of these mandolin family instruments. Tunings, video, mp3s and links.
A resource for electric mandolin. Players, builders, resources, reviews, store and discussion.
The F5 Journal
Documentation about Gibson F5 mandolins and related Lloyd Loar instruments. Reproduction parts, instrument search and editor contact.
Federation of Australasian Mandolin Ensembles
Organization supporting mandolin ensembles in New Zealand and Australia. Members, tour information, ensemble reviews and recordings.
Fret Not Repair
Vintage mandolin repairs on Gibson and other A-Style, F-Style, Bowlback and Flatback mandolins. Newport News, Virginia USA.
Gibson Mandolins
Official home page of Gibson Mandolins.
Jazz mandolin theory, exercises, technique, instruments and links.
Lower Mainland Mandolin Society
Continuing the art of mandolin playing and bringing music to the community through its orchestra, the Melodious Mandolins. Burnaby, BC Canada.
The Mandolin Archive
Written and photo archive, instruments of mandolin family produced by Gibson Corporation over the years.
Mandolin Cafe
Mandolin lessons, tablature, builders, links and archives.
Mandolin Chord Generator
Display or print chords from user-defined settings, including left and right-handed views.
Mandolin Melodies Museum
Exhibiting instruments and recordings from around the world. Nagoya, Japan.
The Mandolin Page
History and information about mandolin family instruments including playing instructions, photos, chords, modes, and tunings.
Mandolin forum, artist interviews, links, reviews of luthiers and mandolin books. Events in and around the UK.
Links to mandolin sites, music reviews and tips for beginners.
Online journal for mandolin players and fans with workshops, news, music, resources, and links.
Vintage mandolins including Calace, Vinaccia and Embergher. Restorations by luthier Carlo Mazzaccara. Photos and prices. Naples, Italy.
Simple Gifts
Collection of mandolin tablature, instructions for reading tab, and MIDI's of the songs.

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