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Abita Springs Guitar Company
Makers of acoustic guitars recalling vintage pre-war instruments of the 1920's and 1930's; information about their instruments, reviews, prices and contact details.
Handcrafted Maccaferri-style jazz and archtop guitars by luthier Ari-Jukka Luomaranta. Includes product descriptions, photographs, prices, online catalog and dealer links.
Alberico Guitars
Fabrizio Alberico, luthier; specialises in instruments for fingerstyle players. Information about instruments, prices, and contact details; also offers a virtual tour of his workshop. [BC, Canada]
Allen Guitars
Randy Allen Luthier. Flat top and resophonic acoustic guitars and mandolins.
Ralph Bonte, Luthier. Handcrafted steel-string guitars. Belgium.
Augustino LoPrinzi Guitars
Ukuleles, classical guitars and steel string guitars.
Avalon Guitars
Handcrafted acoustic guitars produced a team of luthiers. Includes company history and philosophy, with details of instruments they produce. (Newtownards, N Ireland)
Baranik Guitars
Mike Baranik Luthier. Handcrafted, custom acoustic steel string guitars.
Bascetta Stringed Instruments
Matthew John Bascetta Luthier. Hand-made acoustic stringed instruments. Port Sunlight, Merseyside, UK.
Bashkin Guitars
Information about his instruments and their features, his workshop, and profile. [Colorado, US]
Ben Rayner Guitars
Offers custom made guitars, modifications and repairs. Located in Cambridge, UK.
Beneteau Guitars
Offers a gallery and specifications of instruments produced, with profile and contact details. [Ontario, Canada]
Benjamin Guitars
Handmade acoustic, baritone, terz and nylon-string guitars by Nick Benjamin, Lewes, UK.
Berkowitz Guitars
Profile of the luthier, David Berkowitz, and his acoustic 6-string, baritone and bass instruments. Information about ordering and contact details. [Washington DC, US]
Beyond the Trees
Luthier Fred Carlson, specializing in 6-string acoustic instruments with additional sympathetic strings; guitar gallery, audio samples, pricing and ordering information, and contact details.
Bischoff Guitars
Offers handcrafted guitars since 1975. Includes details of instruments and workshop, and ordering instructions. Located in Eau Clair, Wisconsin.
Blanchard, John Michael
Profile of an Oregon luthier, with ordering information and contact details. [Oregon, US]
Boucher Guitars
Information about their 6-string acoustic instruments, history, and workshop tour; also includes listing of dealers. [Quebec, Canada - French and English]
Brook Guitars
Produces a range of acoustic guitars; includes specifications, gallery, information about workshop, reviews and contact details. [Exeter, UK]
Caldwell Guitars
Offers hand-crafted acoustic guitars; information about his instruments and their features, current inventory, pricing, and contact details. [Texas, US]
Colfax Guitar Shop
Scott Baxendale acoustic guitars. Repairs and restorations.
Coobs Guitars
Jack Coobs, luthier. Fine Handmade Instruments. Acoustic guitars, mandolins and bouzoukis.
Cornerstone Worship Guitars
Handcrafted acoustic guitars; information about instruments and ordering. [California, US]
Craig Anderson Guitars
Acoustic steel string guitars. Traditional techniques and innovative new concepts.
Dave King Acoustics
Small bodied, flat top acoustic guitars.
David Worthy Guitars
Details the range of 6 string acoustic guitars and a gallery of custom inlay work, along with construction philosophy, pricing, availability and ordering. [Australia]
Davidson Instruments
Acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolins and bouzoukis by Luthier Phil Davidson.
De Faoite Stringed Instruments
Makes a range of steel-string guitars; information on ordering, his models, profile, and contact details. [Bucks, England]
Doolin Guitars
Acoustic instruments featuring a double-cutaway design.
Dubois Guitars
David Dubois, luthier; specifications of his instruments, gallery, illustrations of construction, and ordering details. [New Hampshire, US]
Dunwell Guitar
Luthier specialising in acoustic instruments, particularly double-topped guitars; information on specifications, current inventory, features and pricing. [Colorado, US]
Eleferink Guitars
Acoustic archtop guitars.
Flammang Guitars
Information about models, prices, stockists, and contact details. [Iowa, US]
Foley Guitars
Ed Foley, luthier; information on his acoustic instruments, testimonials, ordering instructions , and contact details. [New Jersey, US]
Froggy Bottom Guitars
Acoustic steel string guitars.
Gallagher Guitars
Flat top acoustic guitars.
Galloup Guitars
Handcrafted acoustic guitars; also includes details of lutherie school and repair facility. [Michigan, US]
Geiger Guitars
Builds a range of acoustic guitars; information about construction, gallery, and price list.
Gilet Guitars
Their history, with information about instruments, construction, and workshop. [New South Wales, Australia]
Goodall Guitars
Flat top acoustic guitars.
Griffin String Instruments
Details of his acoustic and classical guitars, with player comments, ordering instructions, and luthier profile. [New York, US]
Guitar Parlor
Custom builders of fine, handmade acoustic guitars. Repairs on all stringed instruments.
Guitar Repairs UK
Nick Marchant Luthier. Specializing in steel string acoustic guitars, mandolins. and other stringed instruments. UK
Hoffman Guitars
Charles A. Hoffman Luthier. Over 30 years of handmade acoustic guitars.
Huss and Dalton
Custom-made acoustic guitars.
Inteso Custom Guitars
Custom Acoustic Guitars hand-crafted by Luthier Al Inteso. Wood sets and acoustic guitar kits available.
J. T. Hargreaves Basses and Guitars
Acoustic basses and guitars utilizing the Kasha bracing design.
J. Thomas Davis Guitars
J.Thomas Davis Luthier. Individually designed and handmade acoustic guitars.
Jenkins Guitars
Chris Jenkins, luthier. Builder of the Saddle Pal and Chameleon steel string acoustic guitars.
Joel Guitars
Luthier Joel Knadler hand builds acoustic guitars; information about his instruments, profile, and ordering instructions. [Montana, US]
Julius Borges Guitars
Catalog of instruments produced, profile, and ordering information. [Massachusetts, US]
Karol Custom Guitars
Hand-crafted 6-string acoustic guitars; includes gallery of models, ordering details, and information on guitar-building courses.
Keller Guitars
Michael Keller Luthier. Building acoustic guitars for thirty years. All guitars made to order from customer's specifications.
Kevin Ryan Guitars
Flat top acoustic guitars.
Kinnaird Guitars
Includes information about his construction techniques, selection of wood, with a gallery of his instruments, current projects, and ordering details. [Georgia, US]
Kinscherff Guitars
Luthier Jamie Kinscherff. Custom hand built acoustic guitars.
Lucas Custom Instruments
Randy Lucas Luthier. Flat top acoustic guitars.
Marler Guitars
Standard cutaway, classic and dreadnought acoustic guitars.
McAlister Guitars
Luthier Roy McAlister. Custom acoustic flat top guitars.
McElroy Guitars
Seattle Luthier Brent McElroy. Custom made, handcrafted Acoustic guitars.
McKnight Guitars
Timothy McKnight Luthier. Handmade acoustic guitars.
Melville Guitars
Flat top acoustic guitars.
Michael Dunn
Hand-crafted acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars in the styles of Maccaferri and Selmer. Instrument galleries and specifications, with contact details and luthier profile. [British Columbia, Canada]
Mike Long Guitars
Custom builder of handmade acoustic guitars seeking to emulate pre-WWII dreadnoughts. Includes specifications, instruments currently available, and artists who use his instruments.
Mitchell Guitars
Flat top acoustic guitars and basses.
Moffa Guitars
Handcrafted semi-acoustic guitars; includes gallery, sound samples, construction details, and a photoblog. [Palermo, Italy]
Monteleone Instruments
Archtop and flat top acoustic guitars and mandolins.
Morgan Guitars
Luthier David Iannone. Morgan guitar line. Handcrafted flat top acoustic guitars. Vancouver, Canada.
Northwood Guitars
Specializes in hand-built acoustic guitars, and also builds electric instruments; includes information on construction and woods, and contact details. [British Columbia, Canada]
Guitars built by Luthier Alan Marshall in the UK. Specializing in Steel String Acoustics.
Olson Guitars
James A. Olson Luthier. Fine handmade Acoustic guitars.
Perretta Guitar Company
Fine acoustic guitars, hand crafted in Dallas, Texas by luthier John Fitzgerald.
Petros Guitars
Archtop, flat top and classical guitars.
Pickard Acoustics
Ivor Pickard Luthier. Handbuilt acoustic guitars (six and twelve string), mandolins, octave mandolas, bouzoukis, citterns and banjos. England.
Prohaszka Guitars
Hungarian luthier offering handcrafted classical and archtop guitars. Includes craftsman's profile, images and news.
Ribbecke Guitars
Archtop and flat top acoustic guitars.
Rich Guitars
Rich PiƩlou builds handmade acoustic guitars; information about his models, a workshop tour, and contact details. [British Columbia, Canada]
Robert Anderson Guitars
Robert Anderson Luthier. Hand built acoustic, steel and nylon string guitars. French polished, hide glue construction.
Running Dog Guitars
Rick Davis Luthier. Running Dog acoustic guitars are handmade custom built for the individual player.
Savage Guitars
Ken Savage Luthier. 30 years of woodworking experience. Custom acoustic guitars.
Sutter Guitars
Specializes in custom made steel string flat top guitars, as well as building electric guitars. Information about techniques, instruments and ordering.
Threet Guitars
Luthier Judy Threet. Fingerstyle acoustic guitars. Alberta, Canada.
Timeless Instruments
David Freeman Luthier. Custom designed Acoustic Guitars, instrument kits, supplies, sales and Luthier training.
Tippin Guitar Company
Flat top acoustic guitars.
Tony Vines Guitars
Handcrafted acoustic guitars particularly for fingerstyle playing. Includes specifications, biography of the luthier, pricing, and a photo gallery.
VanDruff Guitar
Stan VanDruff Luthier. Handmade acoustic steel-string guitars.
Webber Guitars
Produces a range of acoustic guitars; offers a gallery, dealer listing, prices, and workshop tour. [British Columbia, Canada]
Wesley Acoustics
Handmade 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars. Includes information about models and construction techniques. [Virginia, US]
Windy Hill GuitarWorks
Mike Mears Luthier. Maker of acoustic, steel-string guitars in the northern Virginia area.
Woolson Soundcraft
Information about his instruments and their construction, reviews, and profile of the luthier. [Wisconsin, US]
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