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Origami is known as the art of paper folding, developed first in Japan thousands of years ago. In the most traditional sense, simple to intricate models are made from a single square piece of paper, entirely by folding. Non-traditional paper sizes are used in such off-shoots as Letter and Envelope Folding and Money Folding. Multiple pieces of paper are used in Modular models, while cutting is a part of Origamic Architecture. Models can even take flight as with Paper Airplanes.

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Anne's Origami
Information on MIT's origami mailing list, with archives. Also a list of books owned, some with pictures, table of contents, and reviews.
Overview of the art and a gallery of personally folded items, including some very small models. Origami tools and related links.
Creaselightning Origami
Mark Bolitho's origami portfolio includes single models made from paper and other materials, as well as composite pieces of varying scale.
Dave's Origami Emporium
Diagrams of traditional, modular, money, and original designs. Articles, book and software lists, and origami inspired ray-tracing.
Envelope and Letterfolding
Definition, history, and diagrams on how to fold mailable letters and envelopes.
Erik Demaine
MacArthur Fellow and Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow applies origami folding techniques to science.
Exploratorium Magazine: Paper
A set of articles on origami, including instructions for making paper airplanes and handmade paper.
Gilad's Origami Page
Illustrated origami book reviews, a model gallery, diagrams and articles. Also includes a guide to wet-folding.
Green Fuse Films - Exploring Origami
Includes images from a forthcoming documentary film on origami as art and science, as well as a video on the Israeli Origami Center's Origametria program.
Jacob Ewing's Origami
Collection of models designed and folded by Jacob Ewing.
Jason Ku's Origami Page
Gallery of models, mostly animals. Also includes some money folds.
Jasper's Origami Menagerie
A collection of diagrams and photos with a section dedicated to various types of animals. Includes a picture link index to diagrams of models on other websites.
Joseph Wu's Origami
Gallery of original works and models by others. Includes articles and original diagrams as well as a database of online models and links.
K's Origami
Provides animated step-by-step instructions, photographs, articles, and links to related sites.
Lar's Origami Gallery
Features different kinds of origami. Also displayed are origami-themed caricatures and cartoons.
Instructions for folding letters from printable templates.
Marc Kirschenbaum's Origami
Original model diagrams, articles, resources and related links.
Matthias Gutfeldt: Alpenfalten
Collection of diagrams and image galleries of original models as well as other designers. Includes book list and reviews, convention highlights, and related links.
Mike's Origami
Diagrams, storybook, diagram database and an origami murder mystery to solve.
Gallery of folded paper dolls, known as the art of Oribina.
Origami and Mental Health Therapy
Discusses the use of origami as a choice of therapeutic tool relating to mental health. Origami links to benefits, history and pictures also included.
Origami Art
Printable PDF instructions for a large variety of projects.
Origami Gallery by Sebastian Kirsch
Photographs of various completed models: animals, masks, geometric shapes, oversized folds, and tessellations.
Origami Instructions
Learn how to make origami items, including simple items for kids. Includes history of paper folding and dollar bill origami.
Origami Kaleidoscope
A variety of diagrams organised into three skill levels.
Origami Kids
Instructions including text, photos, and videos to make origami including boats, airplanes, flowers, and miscellaneous objects.
Origami Resource Center
Contains information regarding many aspects of origami including history, health and educational benefits, Sadako, types of origami and an easy origami section for kids.
Origami World
Includes image gallery, list of original models, traditional model diagrams, news, and resources.
Dozens of diagrammed models, some products for sale.
Peter Budai's Origami
Beginner to intermediate diagrams, illustrations of infinite folds, articles and a glossary of origami symbols.
Photuki Origami Photo Cube Software
A program that generates printable waterbomb templates from photos, which can then be cut and folded into cubes and other forms.
Robert J. Lang Origami
Model gallery, information on the scientific application of origami, copyright and choosing paper. Also home to the TreeMaker diagramming program.
Slideshow of sculptural origami by Saadya Sternberg, featuring masks, animals and curves.
Shaya's Origami Gallery
Pictures of origami animals, insects, sea creatures, dragons, and other things folded by the site owner.
Sprite!'s Origami
Illustrated instructions on folding the traditional crane, and some book reviews.
Star Wars Origami
Photos and diagrams of various models inspired by the series. Includes links to other Star Wars models.
Sy's Paper Folding
Original models with photos and diagrams.
TP Kong's Origami
Picture gallery of personal work, easy to follow diagrams, newly developed models.

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