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The life and works of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera (1886-1957).

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American Masters: Diego Rivera
Thorough biography regarding the Mexican artist born in Guanajuato.
Artchive: Diego Rivera
Biography and list of images.
The Cubist Paintings of Diego Rivera
Exhibition including a gallery, and information regarding Rivera's involvement on the Mexican Revolution.
Diego Rivera Biography
Biography covering the Mexico's most famous painters early steps, marriage, controversy, murals and frescoes.
The Diego Rivera Mural Project
Features a biography, artworks and analysis on Rivera's murals. Exhibition schedules are also available.
Diego Rivera Paintings
Image gallery of artist's works.
Diego Rivera Prints
Presents biography, artistic styles, paintings, and controversies surrounding the artist.
Diego Rivera: A Man and His Murals
Extended biography based on Rivera's traveling to Europe and America elaborated by Susan Norwood.
Fondation Pierre Gianadda - Diego Rivera - Frida Kahlo
Exhibition focusing on the two artists featuring several works.
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
Details about the marriage of the Mexican artists. Includes images of their works.
The Grave of Diego Rivera
Location of the Mexican artist's grave including a brief biography.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Provides analysis to one of Rivera's paintings explaining his developed Cubist idiom.
MoMA Collection: Diego Rivera
Brief biography including a slide show gallery of his work.
Olga's Gallery: Diego Rivera
Collection of works of a Mexican artist with a biography and historical comments.
San Francisco Art Institute
Article covering a proper analysis on Rivera's Mural, includes preliminary studies.
Tate Collections - Diego Rivera
Offering a brief biography and two works (Images not available, due to copyright restrictions).
Visual Biography of Diego Rivera
Biographical article containing Rivera's style, religion, murals and marriages.
Wikipedia: Diego Rivera (1886 - 1957)
Encyclopedia article focused on the prominent Mexican painter's early life, career and gallery of his works.

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