This category is for sites primarily containing anthropomorphic or 'furry' artwork of an adult or sexually explicit nature.

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Adult Furries
A Yahoo discussion group for furry-related fetishes. [Registration required]
The California KitFox
The art and comic book stories of Roy D. Pounds II.
The Chakat's Den
Details of a taur-form furry species. Art and stories about anthropomorphic characters by Bernard Doove and others. Some adult work.
Chiseled Rocks
Furry artwork by Eugene Arenhaus.
DarkSilver's Den
Artwork, prints, projects, and commissions. Contains an adult gallery categorized by subject matter.
Doug's Big Little Page of Macro Stuff
Hypertrophic artwork by Doug Winger.
The Drako's Den Community
Furry-hosted creative community. Forums, chat, and libraries of general-purpose and adult artwork and stories.
Adult furry roleplaying community. Chat rooms, character profiles (including extensive kink lists) and galleries.
Adult furry artwork, featuring normal fur types, as well as cetacean and mythical furs.
Fur Affinity
Furry community site, hosting artwork, writing, music and user journals, with attached forums. Registration required to access mature work.
Fur After Dark
Subscription-based mature art service. Work by Eric Schwartz, Max Blackrabbit, gNAW and guest artists.
Adult furry social network and hookup service. [Many features require paid membership.]
Adult furry social networking service. Explicit user-posted photos, videos and profiles.
Furry Chat & Roleplayer's Haven
Adult forum for furry fans and lifestylers. Frank discussion of mature topics and sexual roleplay, plus general chat and forum games. Successor to Furry to Furry.
Giza's Furry Archives
An archive of furry stories from various authors.
Guppy's Homepage
A furry Oekaki site, and home of the anthropomorphic art of Guppy.
Furry art, story and music community. Offers pooled and multiple-item submissions, tag-based search and filtering, and a story reader.
The Minotaur's Lair
Furry and fantasy artwork by Rog Minotaur.
Forum, gallery, and drawing board for art revolving around pregnant furry characters.
The Quagmire
The home of Cutey Bunny and her pals, as well as comics, pinups, and sketches.
Red Wombat Studio
A variety of furry portraits and pin-ups by Ursula Vernon. Prints by Caliban available on request.
Rog Minotaur's Secret Underground Lair
Furry and fantasy art, including tame and adult galleries, and prints for sale.
Adult story, art and music archive. Oekaki-style drawing board, forums and chat room.
The anthropomorphic animal artwork of Benjamin Eren Robinson, AKA Simba. It includes drawings of lions, a couple tigers, and a particularly cute liger.
Sci-fi/action/comedy comics by The Brothers Grinn, including Weasel Boy and Crushed.
Hosts profiles and image archives for furry transformation artists.
The furry and non furry artwork of Mysticalpha.
A furry art and writing archive, showcasing more than 2000 artists and a good number of authors too. Accepts art of all talent levels and subject matter.
Vixine - Adult Furry Fantasy
Meet four adventurers (five, if you count the big draconess) stumbling around in a world that puts a weird, wacky, sensual twist on classic fantasy. [Membership]
Art, story and music community with a primarily furry userbase.
Wench in the Gears
A slice of life comic about a satyr and her fox, with attached gallery. Occasional adult content.
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