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How to Be Accepted to Edit a Second Category
   by icxcnika
The Perils of the Manual Category Move
   by yklaw
Interview with an Editor: ciaran
   by vladd
Interview with an Editor: enarra
   by dpen2000
Penguin Café: A Stress-Reliever
   by cajunfries
24 Hours in Metaville
   by mngolden
Catmods - Solutions for a Better ODP
   by vladd and yklaw
Are you Getting Stale?
   by artson
Blast to the Past (or not)
   by newwave

Past Issues

Summer 2002 Issue 11

How to Be Accepted to Edit a Second Category Mozilla
Are you a new editor wondering how you can get more involved in the project by taking on a second category? icxcnika, a meta editor, presents invaluable advice for editors in such a situation.

The Perils of the Manual Category Move
Shocked Mozilla yklaw, the catmod for the World/Chinese categories, outlines why moving categories without using the catmv function is a Bad Idea, and explains how you can go about requesting a category move.

Editor InterviewsDigging Mozilla
This issue we have two editor interviews, of ciaran and enarra, for your amusement and edification. Find out what makes them tick, and what they plan to do next.


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