Shopping 101
by lisagirl

Got naked lawn geese? Is your lava lamp all bubbled out? Have you always wanted to own the Mona Lisa? Are you craving turducken or snake meat? The answer, my friend, is located in Shopping.

Thanks to my chocolate habit, I became interested in the Shopping branch during the great re-organization of 1999/2000. Since that time, it has grown tremendously, and recently hit the milestone of 100,000 listings.  Congratulations!

There are rumors that editors avoid Shopping because they aren't sure what belongs in Shopping, that online shopping is a dying breed,  and that it's notorious for affiliate and "aggressive" submissions.  The last part is true, and probably always will be, but let's talk about the other rumors, okay?

The dot-coms may be having troubles, but you wouldn't know it from the submission rate in Shopping. Editors, both new and experienced, are needed just about anywhere. The help wanted list is at Test/Help_Wanted/Shopping, but if those don't tickle your fancy, just browse around. If you edit in a topical area, see if there's a related category in Shopping.

So what makes a site a candidate for Shopping? Most of the time, it's pretty simple. The site must have product descriptions, prices, basic shipping information, deliver across most of the USA, and offer the user a way to order from home. That includes shopping cart systems, mail, e-mail and phone orders. Sites with limited delivery areas, or that require the user to visit the store's physical location, are listed in Regional. Simple, eh? If you want all the details, the description and FAQs make for great reading.

To help Shopping editors, there are forum threads for discussion of questionable or misplaced sites, threads devoted to specific sub-cats, and mentors are listed at There are many great editors in Shopping willing to answer your questions.

But wait, you say! What about those lawn geese, lava lamps, paintings and turduckens? Take a peek:

All this, and "much, much more" is waiting for you in Shopping.
  - LisaGirl