New Editors' Corner
by t23

Tip #1: How to handle mis-submitted sites

If a site is submitted that doesn't belong in your category, don't delete it. Try to find the correct category for it by searching on keywords related to the site, read the descriptions of the categories you find, and move the site to the best one. When all else fails you can send it to a subcategory of Test/Misplaced, where other editors will find the correct home for the site, and move it there.

Tip #2: Include 3 URLs when you apply for a new category

When you fill out the form to request a new category you are asked for 3 URLs. By providing these URLs you are showing that you know what sites are appropriate for the category, and how to describe them. However, many editors don't include them, this lessens your chances of acceptance and makes the meta's job harder.

Tip #3: Read the editor notes

Most sites that are already listed in the directory contain editor notes attached to them, read them. The notes may tell of a redirector URL that can be used to help track down a Robozilla Red. They may show that other editors have found the site is a mirror, in which case it shouldn't be listed. You may find the URL is already waiting in the unreviewed queue of a more appropriate category, so you know not to move it there again.

Tip #4: Edit your profile

 The ODP is a community, to tell others a bit about yourself write a short profile. HTML is allowed so you can include hyperlinks, pictures, and other elements. Tell us where you live, your hobbies, favorite sites, or just a pity quote ;)

Tip #5: Spell check

You see that button to the right of "Skip+Next"? The one marked "Spell Check"? Well, guess what happens if you click it? Go on, try it out! We are all human -- most of us anyway -- and we all make mistakes sometimes, make sure your spelling isn't one of them.

If you inherit a large category you may wish to copy and paste the public-side page into a word processor with a spell check, or else risk the wrath of Hotpink and her spell check team!

Tip #6: Get to know your fellow editors

The ODP is a team effort. You may want to use editor feedback to introduce yourself to editors in nearby categories, as they should be able to answer any category-specific questions you may have. You should also read your tree's forum, for instance if you edit Society/People/Personal Homepages/X, have a look at the Society forum, where you will learn local protocols and see the way issues are resolved.