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New Editors Corner
  by T23
Editor's Guide to the Fora
  by Merlin1
Shopping 101
  by Lisagirl
Editor Interview: Merlin1
  by Dpen2000
Spotting Mirrors, Affiliates and Similar Sites
  by Scarrgo and Michaelbluett
How to Build Your Category's Taxonomy
  by RDKeating25
What's Cooking at ChefMoz
  by Bcwine

Past Issues

September 2001 Issue 9

Speak Up! - A Guide to Editor Fora
If the ODP is a community, the ODP fora are the glue which holds the community together, and, feedback and private chat aside, are the only way of communicating with our fellow editors. Yet many editors never visit the fora, or, if they do, are unsure how to best use them. Merlin1 shares some tips to how to get the most out of the editor fora.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
The premise for editing is that all editors will select useful and unique content to add to the directory's listings. Seems easy enough, right? Well, almost. The flip side of this premise is that editors will avoid listing useless and repetitive content, particularly, mirrors and redirects. However, spotting mirrors, affiliates and redirects can be tricky. Scarrgo and Michaelbluett have teamed up to present some very helpful advice to help editors battle the chronic problem of mirror and affiliate submissions.

Shop 'til You Drop
Everyone loves to go shopping. Got some favorite shopping sites you'd like to add? Lisagirl takes you on brief tour of the Shopping category.

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