Categories of Interest by DMOZMarch

Someone asked me recently, "Who edits in the ODP and why?" I replied that there are probably as many reasons to edit as there are editors (40,000+), but one big reason is people like to share their hobbies.

Looking for something to do that is completely different from your work life? Come browse with me in the ODP and see what people do with their spare time!

Our Recreation category alone has nearly 100,000 sites in it, many of them hobby sites. Collecting is big everywhere, and the ODP has nearly 6,500 sites supporting interests in collectibles from A (Absolut Vodka) to Z (Zippo Lighters). 

We have over 5,000 sites in our Crafts area. You'll find ODP crafters sharing expertise in well-known areas, but in some more unusual categories, too. Remember looping a piece of string between your hands and making a "cat's cradle"? We have a whole category on making String Figures where you can refresh your memory of your grandmother's favorite, make Maori figures, learn some mathematical origins, or read an excerpt of a string figure murder mystery.

Go into the ODP kitchen and take up Cake Decorating, or get an early start on homemade holiday food gifts with Gifts in a Jar. Go gardening and learn to grow Orchids or get down and dirty and create your own bog. Grow a bog, and you are likely to attract critters which you can learn to identify from our Backyard Birding or Amphibians categories.

Make a fortune in your spare time in the ODP, not by spamming the directory please, but by checking out all our Investing categories, from Real Estate to Day Trading. Got your own trading system? Find out who else has thought of it.

Need to get away from it all? Read a book, write a book, or just read only good news when you are off work!

Editors with outdoor hobbies still come indoors sometimes to tell us about them in the ODP. Fly yourself someplace and build the plane to go there. Or build something that goes really fast, straight up.

Weekend warriors can take a week and go wrestle, or learn something more exotic such as Capoeira, a Brazilian import. You can even stay on that couch and fantasize, from Auto Racing to Tug of War.

Whatever you imagine doing in your spare time, there is probably an editor who can help you learn to do it!