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May/June 2001 Issue 8

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Ontology Beats
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Good Reads

New Editors Corner
  by T23
Fighting Back The Jungle
  by Dfmclean
To Deeplink or Not to Deeplink
  by Laisha
How to Reorganize
  by Mngolden
Take a Ride on the Wild Side: Editing in Autos
  by Newwave
What's Cooking at ChefMoz
  by Bcwine

Past Issues

New Editor's Corner
Are you new the ODP? Perplexed by the buttons, bells, and whistles? Editing seem a little overwhelming at first, so to help new editors get acclimated, this article is designed to give tips and tricks for new editors.

To Deeplink or Not to Deeplink?
Laisha's demystifies the ODP's deeplinking guidelines! With a focus on quality, this article provides an explanation of the most common types of type links, and some great advice on site evaluation for seasoned and new editors a like. A must read for all.

Reorganization 101
Ever wondered way some reorganizations seem like a lion's den and others seem like a walk in the park? Got some good ideas for reorganizing a category, but haven't a clue where to begin? Mngolden provides some solid advice for leading a successful category reorganization.

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