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Adult editors should follow the general DMOZ Guidelines for describing sites. Given the nature of its subject matter, the Adult editors have a few supplemental site description guidelines.

Sites listed in Adult are intended to be sexually arousing. It is acceptable to write arousing descriptions, but under certain conditions. All descriptions should be fair, unbiased, objective, and compelling without being promotional or subjective. A description should describe the contents of a site, not promote the site's content or business.

Good descriptions of Adult sites:

For Image Galleries in Particular

Good descriptions objectively describe the contents of the images in general terms. Don't describe each image individually. Instead describe the galleries as a whole work. It is acceptable to use subjective language sparingly (e.g. beautiful, cute, gorgeous, hot, hunky, etc.), and only as adjectives to describe the subjects or model in the images. They are not to be used to hype site or its content.

Slang Terms

The use of slang terms to describe female and male genitalia and sexual acts is acceptable. However, these should be used consistently in order to create compelling descriptions. They should not be used to hype, promote or unfairly keyword sites, particularly ones with which you are affiliated. Using slang terms to better position sites with which you are affiliated, while not including them on descriptions for other sites, is considered abuse. Repeated misuse of these terms to unfairly promoted sites is grounds for removal of editing privileges.

Formatting Conventions

If a site requires an AVS or membership, indicate this within square brackets at the end of the description, e.g. [AVS: Adult Check], [Membership] or [Membership required for full access]. Details on the conventions for indicating AVS requirements are in the Adult FAQ . In some cases, particularly within Adult/Regional, specific location information should be given within brackets at the beginning of the description (e.g. [Ulan Bataar]). If a site has specific software requirements, these should also be noted at the end of the description, e.g. [Requires Flash].

If a web site has specific software requirements, these should also be noted in the description in brackets (i.e. [ ]). For example [Req. JavaScript].