This category lists websites for the south east area of the West Devon parish of Dartmoor Forest.
Most websites in this parish have the postal town of the major conurbation to the
west, where those websites are listed;  Princetown.
Hexworthy is a small village above the south bank of the West Dart, which is
crossed by an eighteenth century arch granite bridge (now Grade II listed).
This category includes websites for the hamlet on the north bank, Huccaby, and the area within the
east boundary of Dartmoor Forest parish to the confluence of the East and West Dart.
This area is given to this name Dartmeet, which is also the boundary between the  Teignbridge parish of 
Widecombe-in-the-Moor, and the  South Hams parish of  Holne.
This category is for websites representing the areas accessible from the B3357 towards Two Bridges.
whereas those further west are in Princtown, and those to the north are in the  Postbridge category.

Please only suggest websites to this category tree with a sole operating address in, or devoted entirely to Hexworthy, or the immediate vicinity within the West Devon parish of Dartmoor Forest.
Other websites should be suggested to the most appropriate locality seen from the  Devon charter.