This category is for shops that have multiple locations throughout England.

Most websites are listed in their localities. To be listed here, an organisation must have addresses in several localities.

If your shop sells goods by mail, telephone, email or online, and the website includes a range of available products and prices, the site should be submitted to the UK level Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Business_and_Economy/Shopping/
Includes web sites about shops selling antiques and collectable items in England.

This category is intended to lead to websites showing branches of Furniture shops in more that one Region of England
please look in your nearest locality.

Most establishments are not listed here, and websites are more likely to be listed promptly
if the correct description is given with the address of the shops shown on the website,
and suggested to the correct Business and Economy category of the nearest Locality<=Click!
Includes retailers of music and music-related products, including instruments, media, tickets, and equipment.
This category contains sites which have multiple departments and are under a single ownership. This includes either actual department stores with a physical location or 'virtual' or Internet department stores. Specialist virtual stores should be submitted to the appropriate shopping subcategory; only general department stores which cover more than one shopping subcategory are appropriate for inclusion here.