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Sites in Yakut, also called Sakha or Yakut-Sakha, a northern Turkic language spoken in the Yakutia region of Siberia, Russia.

Language: Yakut - ISO 639-2: UKT
Resources Natural_Languages/Altaic/Turkic/Northeastern_Turkic_Languages - Other: Ethnologue UKT
Countries [TLD]: Russia [.ru]

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Forum [mostly in Russian but partly in Yakut]
Wikipedia Incubator in Yakut language
Бу саха тылынан саҥа раздел оҥоһуллан эрэр, кыттаргытыгар көрдөһөбүт.
Орто Дойду - Сахалыы Саҥарар Сахалар Сирдэрэ
Sakha language supporting portal build by native sakha people in sakha language for all of you who is interested in sakha cilture.
Сахалыы онлайн-библиотека -
Якутские тексты с переводом на русский язык.
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