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Abon Dbasmayo - Lord's Prayer in Syriac Language (Aramaic)
The Lord's prayer in hand-written Syriac-Aramaic with Syriac pronunciation and English translation.
Kinnara D'roukha (Harp of the Spirit)
Assyrian language magazine of the Archbishopric of the Church of the East, Baghdad, Iraq. Trilingual (Assyrian, Arabic and English)
Learn Assyrian OnLine: Aramaic Alphabet / Syriac Aramaic Vocabulary
Learn to speak through music, learn to read and write the Syriac-Aramaic alphabet and build your vocabulary (Bilingual English and Syriac-Aramaic)
Qala Min Madinkha (Voice From the East)
Assyrian language magazine of the Assyrian Church of the East, Chicago, Illinois (USA). Mostly Assyrian language with some English language articles.
Suryoyo World - The Syriac Alphabet
Shows differences between various forms of Syriac alphabets. Examples of Estrangelo (older form of the alphabet), Serto (modern way of writuing Syriac) and Chaldean (Eastern Aramaic/Syriac).
Syriac and Assyrian Typefaces
Typefaces in .zip files of Issa and Giliana Classic, SPEdessa (Estrangelo) and Carlo Ator and Gabrial Ator.
Syriac Language Course
Part of the Syrian Orthodox Church website. Teaching of Syriac in a bilingual site (Syriac and Arabic with helpful transliteration in Latin characters).
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