Underwater Hockey is a fast paced sport played on the bottom of a pool using a mask, snorkel and fins (not SCUBA gear). Players advance the puck, pass the puck, and curl with the puck using a stick (or "bat"), usually held with a protective glove. Each side defends a goal, located at the bottom of one end of the playing area, into which the opposing team seeks to flick the puck. Players choose when they must breathe and when they must play; since there is no air at the bottom where the game is played, teamwork and timing are critical.

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Bristol Octopush (Underwater Hockey) Club
Offers UK team locations and sport information.
British Octopush Association
Controlling authority in the United Kingdom. Includes calendar, league table, results, news, rules, squad list, and information about referees and how to start a new club. Also includes a history and definition of the sport.
Brussels Underwater Hockey
Pictures, video, tournament results, and information about the team.
Caversham Octopush Club UK
Provides sport and club information including pictures, description, and contact information.
Chesham Octopush Club
UK club home page with photos, links, and schedules.
Chicago Underwater Hockey
Includes practice times and general information about the sport.
Dunstable Octopush Team
Includes news, history of the sport, adult and youth team information, and directions for this group from Bedfordshire, England.
Edinburgh Underwater Hockey Club
Offers contact information, training schedule, and photos for this British Octopush Association and Scottish Underwater Hockey Association member club.
Gatineau-Ottawa Underwater Hockey Club
Provides video, photos, tips and links on equipment and play, and local club contact info and event information.
Henley Underwater Hockey Club UK
Henley & Caversham Octopush (Underwater hockey) site with locations and contact information.
How Octopush Was Created
Describes origin of the sport in the UK in the early 1950s by Alan Blake of Southsea Sub-Aqua.
Dedicated to female octopush players in the United Kingdom.
Octopush Central
Worldwide directory of links addressing the sport.
Palm Beach Underwater Hockey
Florida club site with photos, links, and information about the annual 4-on-4 tournament.
Plymouth Underwater Hockey Club
Provides information on training, equipment, official rules, tournaments, events, and introduces members of this UK club.
See The Game!
Critter-Cam-style video of underwater hockey play.
Sunstar Sub Aqua Club (Ipswich)
A BSAC club based in Ipswich, Suffolk UK; provides practice times, contact information, and general tips about the sport and equipment.
Underwater Hockey Tourist
Links to maps and directions and contact information for club practice opportunities around the globe.
USA Underwater Hockey
News items, rules, tournaments, and multimedia.
Victorian Underwater Hockey Commission
Offers Victoria, Australia local club contacts, upcoming events, newsletters, tournament results, photographs, and rules.
Wikipedia: Underwater Hockey
Encyclopedia entry on the sport discussion of rules, photos of equipment and play, and links.

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